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Selling 100 tech for $5 million


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My alliance is offering reduced prices because we are in dire economic need. We are fighting wars but as we are relatively new, it's hard to keep our budget well maintained.
We are small nations, so we can provide technology cheaply, and we ask for $1 million less than the rest.

There's no gimmick- we are just offering competitive prices. We are loyal to our allies and trading partners, so there is no need to fear that anything will go awry.

This is a link to our forum:

If you would like to start a trade with us, please register and make a thread starting diplomatic relations on behalf of your alliance.

We are happy to accommodate any customers, so whatever kind of deal you wish to have for however long; the deal is up to you.


It seems that people are hesitant to have me sell them technology. If you are worried for your money, we can do a threeway deal and you can obtain your technology the same day. Simply find an intermediary (middleman) and we can do the following:


-You send me $5 million

-I buy 100 tech

-I send 100 tech to your middleman

-He sends you the 100 tech


And so the deal is concluded in one day, and everyone comes off richer.

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