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A Farewell to Arms? An announcement from SLCB and the Maroon Sphere.

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With SLCB going from strength to strength, and her successes hardly going unnoticed amongst the denizens of this forum, it brings me great pleasure to add further to the story today with two announcements of immeasurable worth.


First, and perhaps of lesser importance, I bring you the news that SLCB has finally reached its place amongst the great alliances of this world - the benchmark set in stone has been surpassed. The cardboard raft has been refloated. Today (or, if not, at least at some point in the last week), we finally made it to 70,000 total nation strength. 


Second, and the reason I really wanted to invite you all to listen to me today, I can announce a diplomatic victory that weeks ago, could only be dreamed of. The future of the maroon team, as a result of our tireless efforts, is assured. Peace and Prosperity, friends!




The Terri Principle Reduction



(i) In recognition of the need for stability in the sphere, the following alliances hereby commit to selecting, in perpetuity, for the Maroon Team Senate, the esteemed ruler of Slapper Nation, Mr Pork Saber, esquire.


(ii) Any signatory to this treaty wishing to make amendments to the text, or to withdraw entirely, forfeit their rights to call themselves an alliance.




For Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes, Porksaber, Blood God

For Random Insanity Alliance, Porksaber, Senator Elect

For Non Grata, Porksaber, Senator Elect

For Congolese Soukous Society(?), Porksaber, Senator Elect

For Nordreich, Porksaber, Senator Elect


Please join me in celebrating the culmination of weeks of tireless diplomacy.




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