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Misogyny and Rape Culture must be stamped out

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So, Fark and NATO have been hanging out quite a bit lately, and with all the beer drinking, mountain dew consumption, and Cheeto munching, we bonded over our love of mid 90's trading card games. While about 6 beers deep, we in Fark realized that like all pop culture, these trading card games have a deep and troubled history of misogyny, sexism, and a clear gender bias. While some of us just didn't understand the problem with being "sexy", as a whole we decided this just can't stand. We've taken matters into our own hands, and we present you with our solution:


For Fark:
905, Submitter
Mr Vicarious, Squirrel

Rollo, Speaker of the TF Council
182, TF Council
Slick Johnson, TF Council
CountryMouse, TF Council
Decide R Inchief, TF Council

For WAG:
NCC (Blood God)

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