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discussion: land annexation (yes, another one, get over it)


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The problem: I'm not the only one who has been like "oh shit" seven posts later when someone has spent a week annexing things, then unable to contest it.

The solution: When an annexation begins, you have to post it in the map thread like you would a protectorate, so it can be listed under a new "Active Annexations" section.

The notes: This would not apply retroactively if voted in.


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On the one hand yes this would make it easier to react to such events on the other hand it also isn't hard to even briefly skim through other people's threads. Any time I see a thread with a new post I check it out to see if it effects me in anyway. 

Not all of us have the time to even skim every new post. :P I basically don't read a post unless I know it's about me, or I'm asked to, because I just don't have the time for it.


I like this idea. Or else require annexations go in their own thread, and be labeled as an annexation. Which is going to be more of a bitch for us to do, than to just post in the map thread "Annexing Sumbawa, here's the link".

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