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Looking at alliances, help?


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I'm looking at other alliances to see if there's anything better out there than the one I'm currently in right now that I could join at my current level, just for satiate my curiosity. I'm not too familiar with the guilds/clans of CN, but I will do research into any groups I'm looking at in the moment. What I'm looking for in an alliance in particular:


The list

*A alliance that will place protection of it's members(including sub-groups) whom are attacked above other things.Namely the membership/leadership of the alliance won't be so intimated by other groups that they refused to intervene and defend their own member for fear of disproportionate retribution from another group.

~The alliance would need to come to my defense even if the attackers were in a friendly alliance. The specific case I'm thinking of is if a player in another alliance attacked me, and the attacking player was in an alliance that was allied with the alliance I was in through some type of treaty/pact, and that possibly would KNOW about the treaty/pact and was using their membership in friendly alliance to attack with impunity for the time being.

*An alliance with an active community. If there's an offsite forum(which the alliance may require for me to sign up at) this is even more important. I don't want to sign up to a dead or inactive forum. That's not going to be any fun. An active community is more likely to get me hooked onto CN longer and that's what I want out of my gaming time. An active community is also one that will come to my aid more quickly too, at least in theory. The possibility for socializing and making friends in the alliance is something else I look for as well.

*An alliance that will help make the process of becoming a part of the group easy(and quick hopefully). I don't want the chore of learning all the quirks of the group shoved onto me. Active/functioning guide/mentor program could an example of what I'm saying.

*An alliance that supports tech deals/with active tech buyers and sellers. I prefer tech dealing to be optional in the alliance.

*Trade circles - Idk how to flesh this out but I would like the alliance to be able to provide them rather easily. I am in an established one right now but there's no telling if my spot in it will last if I leave my current alliance in the future.

*No Trauma or Drama among members. It shouldn't have to be a chore to get something done because of some BS going on or because another player in the alliance made a half-ass attempt on something.

*An alliance that would allow me to enter combat, mostly against unaffiliated players or weak players in weak alliances in my case. I wish to gain XP for my military so I can access generals and gain those perks. Having a stronger military in case I'm attacked is another reason why I'm asking for this.

*In depth guides to CN. Not just explaining the basics of each component in the game, but actual strategic guides that can help me rise to become an elite player.


To make a short version of the list of what I'm looking for:

*I am looking for an alliance that will defend me and it's members no matter what(or above all else) in a speedy and efficient manner, and keeping member from fighting each other.

*Allow it's members to enter into combat (at their own risk if necessary)

*Large,active and genuine community with friendly players that I will care about and what happens to them.

*Solid leadership that seems to care and be involved in what the players in it's clan do in a genuine and friendly way, and not just monitoring for bad stuff.

*A group that holds social events (with rewards as incentives to promote competitive playing even!)

*A group that will make the process of joining easy and quick, that will introduce me to the members and become fully integrated to the point that I may pursue all opportunities/activities offered by the group.

*Good reputation in CN, respected and/or feared by others in the community.

*Supports tech deals(but makes them optional) and trade circles(again optional) but can also find a member either of the two quickly if requested.

*No trauma or drama.

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Good luck getting NpO to allow you to tech-raid.  ;)


I don't care much for 'tech-raiding' yet especially when I am a tech seller(I buy it for cheap so I have little need to fight for it). I would fight mostly to get XP and have a stronger military.

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I don't care much for 'tech-raiding' yet especially when I am a tech seller(I buy it for cheap so I have little need to fight for it). I would fight mostly to get XP and have a stronger military.

Doom Squad.

join up for a good time.
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You may want to think about the level at which you are willing to trade off security/restriction for latitude/responsibility.


There's an inherent tension between "...defend me and its members no matter what" and "Allow it's members to enter into combat (at their own risk if necessary)."


Different alliances handle that tension in different ways, and the nature of that handling might be a good thing for you to check out as you peruse your options.


Put another way, up to what point do people have your back, and after what point are you on your own?

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As a rule of thumb though, the less an alliance does warring they more 'safe' they potentially are.  Some alliances just by their political ties are more in harms way than others, and you're going to have to do a little homework on that to find out where a potential home alliance might lie in the overall CN landscape.

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RIA fits all that criteria, noone questions our determination in defending our members and our allies, we have an active and close knit community.  We are chill and drama free, and you can pretty much do whatever you feel like, our alliance is "opt in" on just about everything.


Being "safe" and being in an alliance that fiercely defends themselves and their allies is sort of mutually exclusive though.  I wouldn't call our alliance particularly war-free, but we don't pick fights with people if that's what you mean.

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