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Trading circle proposition


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Hello!  I would like to propose a trading circle, if anyone is interested.  We will require a total of 6 people (including myself).  This particular trade circle should maximise our number of Bonus Resources while allowing access to Uranium, Water, and Furs.  In total, we will each have 6-7 bonus resources, depending upon our individual literacy levels.  All that is required for this trade circle to work, is for all six of us to cancel all of our trade agreements, and then create trade agreements with one another, so that all six of us have trade agreements with each other.  We will also each need to choose our national resources from the list below.  I have grouped them into fairly balanced groups below (coal+iron and uranium+lead should, in particular, be chosen together), but who has which resources doesn't really matter so long as between the six of us, we have all twelve.  In real life, I would never use half of these resources, so I'm going to volunteer myself for Lumber and Water.  I guess from here on out, it's first come, first serve, until we have all six trade partners.  
Hopefully, we will all benefit mightily from this arrangement.  

Required Resources:
* Coal
* Iron
* Uranium
* Lead
* Aluminium
* Gold
* Oil
* Marble
* Rubber
* Furs
* Water
* Lumber

Benefits from this trade circle:
* +5 happiness from intra-team trading
* Asphalt
* Automobiles
* Construction
* Microchips
* Radiation cleanup
* Scholars (if literacy over 90%)
* Steel

Oh!  And I guess it goes without saying that you'll need a harbour in order to participate.

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