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Alliance: Unavailable (in Search Results)


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If a nation on Alliance 'X' sends/receives Foreign Aid and/or Declares/is Declared War against and/or performs/is targeted with Spy Operations, and Alliance 'X' then disbands, the in-game Search Results don't anymore include the alliance information, but they instead say "Alliance: Unavailable". The alliance information is also then missing in the Nuclear reports.


This is inconsistent with the statistics available for download, which still retain the information of which Alliance the nation belonged to at the time of the aid; while the statistics available for download do not show the Alliance the nation belonged to at the time of the Declaration of War (which is another bug, I guess?)


What's more important, all of this is also inconsistent with normal switches of Alliance Affiliation, where the information about the previous Alliance Affiliation is retained in history (both in the searches and in the download stats).

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For example, Nationchow was on the Alliance Affiliation "Seers of Doom" when they sent aid on 8/21/2014 4:56:45 AM (this can be determined from the Foreign Aid Download file). Their Aid screen however shows "Alliance: Unavailable" for that specific aid shipment.


The same nation was on the "Seers of Doom" Alliance Affiliation from 7/17 to 8/21, but the numerous wars they were involved into across that period all show "Alliance: Unavailable" as their Alliance Affiliation.

The spy operation they performed, for example, on 8/9/2014 6:30:05 AM, shows "Alliance: Unavailable" (you can currently find it on page 2 of Pax Corvus's spy screen, which includes another couple of examples for that nation).


Basically the historical data (still available) for all the nations that were on the (now defunct) "Seers of Doom" AA show that same behaviour for the time they have been on that AA. Previous or following affiliations for the same nations look consistent to me. I didn't check other AAs but I'd argue that the behaviour is the same.

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