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Particle Accelerator in Northern Tibet desert Explodes in 200 MT blast.

Maelstrom Vortex

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It first started as a blast.. a blast that bulged the atmosphere and temporarily blacked out satellites above. It was highly radioactive and seemed, at first glance, like a nuclear test. No traces of fissile elements, however, was found in the explosion if someone sampled the air.




What the world did not know.. is that the explosion was at a top secret particle accelerator sponsored by the national research lab, engaged in what will likely become a very controversial experiment with the Higgs field.


There have been an:

Estimated fatalities: 1220 Estimated injuries: 2520

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## At the disaster site..


Emergency response teams from Druk Yul were on site. Radiation levels were through the roof so appropriate equipment was in use to minimize exposure.  From the outer ring the injured were transported to the hospital, but even with the best care only half of the injuries were able to be mitigated raising the number of dead. The dead were transported to the hospital.


## At the National Research Lab Center in Shangri-La


Remote analysis of the Space/Time or 'Reality' engine experiments data shows that a constant stream of high speed particle bombardment had successfully ruptured the Higgs field and as the stream which was had fired caused both protons and anti-protons to be created from the very fabric of space/time itself in significant quantity. The two particle groups were split up by magnetic fields and contained. The objective was to create a power supply for a theoretical reactor or engine. The experiment had run for an hour and had obtained roughly 11 lbs of matter in the form of protons and 11 lbs of antimatter on each side of the field when field containment abruptly and inexplicably failed. Equipment measurements indicate there may have been a equipment failure in one of the capacitors for the magnetic field just prior to the blast. The magnetic field gone, the large mass of matter and antimatter canceled each other out simultaneously and the data ended.. so did the experiment.. and the lives of everyone in the surrounding area.


## Shangri-La


King Wangchuck addressed the crowd, "Today we have had a national tragedy. I have been informed an experiment that may have lead us into a new generation of power and propulsion has gone awry. After being informed of the nature of the experiment I have mandated new guidelines for future particle accelerator experiments. At no time shall more than 10 grams of antimatter be collected and stored in future endeavors once we rebuild our accelerators. Given the nature of the accident in northern Tibet, we have deemed the scientific data from this even to dangerous to share. It shall be locked away in a vault until we can make the methods safe for use. My deepest sympathies are extended to the families affected by this incident. I would punish those responsible for the incident, but they have already paid the ultimate price for their inattention to safe practices. May the Dreamer remember them and keep them all close to his heart."

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WIth the old accelerator totaled,  a new one began to be reconstructed in the radiation zone. The goal was to make sure that if there was another such explosion, albeit smaller, it would occur in an area that is already a wasteland that was going to take years to recover.


It would be completed in about 3 years and once restarted would focus on the development of smaller, possibly portable, containment devices for the ant-matter in powerful magnetic fields.

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