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New World Order Bloc (Communications thread)


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New World Order Defense Bloc




"United we Stand, Divided we fall"







It is in the interest of defense, friendship and cooperation for a better world that we, the nations of North and South America come together for a safer and better America. 




1. The NWO shall not interfere in the internal business of American nations.

2. The NWO shall not launch invasions of foreign lands or act offensively. 

3. The NWO shall not conduct diplomacy on behalf of its members with foreign nations unless it is to prevent or stop colonialism. 

4.The NWO shall not "police" the Americas or penalize member nations for warring with each other.

5. The NWO is not obligated to defend an American nation if they start or are brought into a war.

6. The NWO is obligated to defend an American nation from foreign colonialism.

7. The NWO shall not tolerate an American nation offering foreign nations military facilities in the Americas.

8. The President has no term limit, but can be taken out of office is his nation ceases to exist or if two-thirds of the nations in the NWO vote to remove him from office. Such a vote can take place only once every four months.

9. There are no "observers" of the council - a nation is either a member or is not. A member can be voted out of the NWO by majority vote for any reason pertaining to unethical practices to harboring foreign nations interest in the Americas.

10. The NWO shall not support the colonization of continents outside of the Americas.

11. An American nation has its capital in the New World (which includes North America, South America, and the Antarctic Peninsula), its seat of government in the New World, a majority of its population in the New World, and originated in the New World.

12. A three-fourths majority of the council is needed to change any of these twelve principals.



Signed for United Guyana Republic 

Yeremiah Wimbledon, President of the United Guyana Republic

1st Congressional Assembly of United Guyana


Royal King of Cascadia, Alan Wymore-Champion of Oregon, Defender of Washington, Ally of Idaho, Conqueror of Wyoming and Utah, Rescuer of Canada


Signed for the Principality of Tikal,

His Eternal Highness Chak Tok Ich'aak,
Ajaw ichil Tikal, Huatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Kinich Ahau


Signed for the State of Rio de Janeiro,

President Maria Citares
Signed for The Plains Federation,

Governor Anthony Sparks


Signed for the United Caribbean States

President Marco Hernandez 


Signed for the Federation of the Atlantic,

William Lyon Evans, President of the Federation



Major General Foch

Territory of Bolivia


Signed for the Palaven Empire,

Lord Hershey

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Druk Yul is happy to see its friends in America organizing to their mutual defense. We understand and respect that principle. Given we have no interests in ever colonizing the Americas, but have an interest in protecting our friends from outside foreign influences and that we pledge never to be an outside force of influence in the Americas we would request to be considered as a signatory for this treaty.


Yun Li,


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Diplomatic letter from Yun Li:


"What would the rest of you have to lose by Druk Yul having an interest in helping with your defense and deterrence for colonization? The current incarnation of SEATO allows for over-seas signatories interested in the protection and security of our region. We have many friends among the Americas.. some of whom have personnel in our space program. We only see this as an opportunity to expand upon that relationship."


-Yun Li


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"While we appreciate Druk Yul's offer, we cannot in good faith agree with your request to be considered signatory without violating the treaty's spirit. I direct you to article 11, defining what an American nation is. We thus agree with Rio de Janeiro and Cascadia. If you wish to expand your relationship with the Americas, please go through the individual nations' diplomatic channels."

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"I suppose I can understand that.We make the gesture in good faith and accept the rejection under the understanding the treaty is primarily for American states. That said, all of you are welcome to establish embassies in Druk Yul and we will begin to contact you each privately." -Yun Li

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[Private to all NWO members]


"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have today received a threat by the Saxons that they will attack Greenland within a day if we do not give in to their demands.

Here is the message: [Message from Saxony]


The Principality of Tikal requests solidarity from our friends and allies in the NWO to repel the Saxons and prevent Greenland from falling into the hands of these foreigners."


Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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"Please direct your attention to Article 5 where you will see that assisting the Principality or any other American nation is only an option. And although we do not support Saxony's actions, we do realize that at least for the time being, it does not make political sense to send valuable Bolivia's Own Armed Forces all the way to Greenland. Not to mention recent events with Tikal. For now, we will stand for our own nation and own nation only and not enter this soon-to-be-war.

Also, they are technically moving there nation there, and if Tikal had not already gone there(which by the way, is a faraway land for them), they would be able to peacefully notify us of there coming.

Finally, after looking carefully at the message, we have concluded that there were no demands besides leave the island, which is not hard for Tikal saying that they have land in 3 of the 4 hemisheres, leaving one small southern patch of Greenland with almost nothing actually there should not be a problem."

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"Though you claim Article Five, we direct your attention to Article Six. This is a case of foreign colonialism, not Tikal attacking Saxony, neither Tikal being brought into a war by a non-American Ally.


"Further, didn't Bolivia withdraw from this treaty? Please leave our halls unless you desire to rejoin this alliance."

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"I now direct you to exhibit A, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of "colony"


an area that is controlled by or belongs to a country and is usually far away from it

: a group of people sent by a country to live in such a colony


"With that in mind, a colony is an area administered by a country seperate from it. Such as the american colonies of the early times. Britian was the administrator, but was not connected to its seperate lands, thus making it a colony. Saxony is attempting to dissolve its European lands and fully switch to Greenland, which, at least tehnically, makes it not a colony because it is 100% annexed land of Saxonys, and is not just unclaimed but administered by Saxony. With that in mind, it cannot be considered "colonialism". "

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"Article six clearly defines it as foreign colonalisim, and since the saxon army is in Iceland, a european land, attempting to take Greenland, an american land, I would say this falls under foreign colonalisim, no?"

"Did you just completely disregard the actual definition? It is a nation that is going to be fully american in Greenland as they are dissolving the rest of there land in Europe, which is thus not a colony because a colony is a seperate nation, residing in a sererate place, sending people to live in another place, seperate from there residing land. Once they go into Greenland, they are dissolving there SEPERATE land and residing in the connected place, Greenland. Thus it is not a colony."

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"Interesting, you seem to have alot of insight on the saxon hordes plans."

"I read the message thoroughly, Presidente."


"Also, in regards to our withdrawal, we said we were going to do it, but are actually still discussing possibilities. If we had done it, we would have formally announced it in these halls."

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"Has have I, and I see no mention of them giving up theirclaim to Iceland."

"Lets get something straight, Presidente. I am not on their side, nor is anyone else in the BOAF ranks. We are on the side of Bolivia, and Bolivia is on the side of the law, the right. We are simply speaking truth in our words. But yes, you are correct that if they keep Iceland, it could possibly be considered a colony. But, if Saxony were to have there capital in Greenland, one could argue that Iceland is in fact the colony, if they play there cards right. However, i doubt they would give away Iceland before going into Greenland, saying that Iceland is literally the gateway to Greenland."

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Koko Hekmatyar kicks open the door to the meeting room and enters with a wide grin on her face, she is trailed by a young man with a very serious but blank expression. Koko waves to the most likely stunned occupants before finding a seat and sitting down. "Hi everyone! My name's Koko and I am here to represent the Confederacy which wishes to join this order. Anyone got a pen and the slip of paper I need to sign to join. Thank you :3 " 

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"I point out Article 11, which clearly defines an American state. The saxon army is none of those things, and is to be seen as a foreign attempt to colonalize Greenland."

"Ah, Presidente is catching up, i see. But not once does it say that if a nation does not meet those requirements, then it is considered a colony and is frowned upon. And if you say that it does say that, well then you seem to not understand the definition of colony.

But really people? All you guys are saying you are going to stop Saxony, yet are focusing all your energy on forcing Bolivia to help? Aren't there more important things to be focused on right now?

Not to mention Tikal, who specifically said it hopes New World Order Members stand with them, however it seems to me that rather than hoping we help, he is basically forcing us to help. Tikal, if we had to help you should have just said so.

But again, politically it doesn't make sense to send people to help when it is not required."

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"Catching up? I would say more slowing down for your sake. And if its not an American nation and not a foreign nation then what is it? The only logical way to see it is as a foreign invasion into America, which would be colonialism.

Furthermore, until the saxons actually invade, there is nothing to stop. However any assistance you can provide is appreciated."

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