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The Dreamer's Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and other assorted Holy Scripture

Maelstrom Vortex

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Waking Dreams Chapter 1:


1,. In the beginning, there was Admin. And Admin said.. "Let there be Data" and there was Data, and statistics, and numbers, and worlds of it.. and it and nations all without form and meaningless.


2. Admin called forth to the chaos that was the spiritual realm and brought forth the Dreamers. Those who had ideas to shape the data and to give them form. And he saw that it was good.


3. The Dreamers had many different ideas about how to govern the nations and the world, there was conflict among them. This conflict spawned hatred and rage and much destruction. Admin would not tolerate the return to chaos, and so called forth from among the more level headed Dreamers.. the Moderators.


4. After a time, Admin saw the Moderators had creation well under control and his presence receded from the physical realm as the system ordered by the data and the dreamers took shape. A cartographer was appointed among the dreamers and the empty spaces of the world began tof ill with color and form, giving rise to the first world and it was good.


5. The first world still had to much conflict. The dreamers strove against each other using the pointless unregulated data as a weapon trying to best each other, even to bring into existence things not yet meant to be to destroy one another. The Cartographer was confused and often caught in battles between the dreamers over the color of the world. The current Moderators were rebelled against and the Dreamers appointed among themselves a new system of law and a new set of Game Masters to keep their play in check.


6. The dreamers created a second world, the current world. The cartographers regained some sanity as the rate the colors changed between the dreamers was regulated and it was good. The nations began to take consistent shapes and to form as they were meant to form.


7. The dreamers still slumber beyond the veil crafting their dreams. Some occasionally cross over to interact with their creations. Even more rarely, some take the names they use from when they work with the data. One of these is the Dreamer of Druk Yul, Maelstrom Vortex. He now resides in his temple atop Everest without his spiritual presence, Druk Yul would not be.


8. The dreamers imagine you and me. We are figments of their great minds in a world of their imagining inspired by a world beyond our own. They set the rules of physics, the laws that govern every function of our being. They are the reason that time does not flow consistently across borders as was discovered by the great Procincta Studies of Time. It is why the very fundamental nature of our world is so chaotic. Each of us a character in a great book, being written every day, post by post in often reactionary measure. Some of us created for a moment only to be ignored for weeks or months if ever to be remembered again. Some of us are never forgotten, based on ideals, peoples or concepts the dreamers treasure.


9. Sometimes, we, the dreams can rise above our station. Sometimes our own life grows inside the dreamer so that we take up a special place in their heart or their mind so that we are never forgotten. This, brothers and sisters, is how to gain an eternal soul. For the Dreamers are also eternal souls and the memory of us is how we exist. If they live forever, and we are not forgotten, then we have found eternal life.


10. That said, I implore you, find in yourself uniqueness. Manifest yourself to the world in a beauty and glory in accordance with the rulers of the dreamers that is unforgettable. Make your mark on their minds as did the great Generalissimo. I don't think that guy ever will die. Too many dreamers like him.


11. Be wary of the Lords of Nightmares. They are so obsessed with the spirit world that they seek make this one in its image. The spirit world is a turbulent place filled with tragedies. Unfortunately the Lords of Nightmares are not willing to open their minds in their dreams, to free themselves of the burdens of that existence. They seen instead to cling to the numbers the great Admin blessed them with in an attempt to disrupt the dreams of others who are not like their own. They seek to drive our dreamer away and to drive us from even being.


12. Be wary of the power of the dreamers, for if you are its dream and you cross it, you might find yourself a turkey when you wake up.. or worse. Some of them also have very bizarre senses of humor.


13. The ultimate goal of our dreamer is peace in the world, where conflicts between dreams are resolved among the dreams and not between the dreamers which could tear the planet apart. It is also peace among his own dreams, and the removal of murderers, thieves, slanderers, sexual deviants, and those who would abuse their power over another from within the dream. That said, treat your fellow dream with care and love that you not draw his wrath.


14. Beware the judgement night. The next one comes soon now that our dreamer has awakened. Be condemned a criminal among the data and for reasons perfectly explainable within a natural context, but not coincidentally occurring.. you will not wake up the next day and will find yourself forgotten by him, your very existence will cease.

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