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Optional Defense optional Aggression Pact Announcement


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                                Samurai Of Secrecy



What with wherein hereby the proprietors here by known as the signatories, but also known as Sengoku and The Annunaki Bloodline Society and henceforth known as Sudoku and ABLS in the interest of a more stable planet here by agree to the following terms

Article 1. Sengoku and ABLS have figured out that the other alliance does exist and is a sovereign entity. They will not engage in violence, spying, or other various forms of asshattery against one another.

Article 2: Should one party be attacked the other party is encouraged but not obligated to aid each other by any means requested; whether that be financially, morally, militarily or whatever other means may be necessary.

Article 3 : Should one party get a wocket in their pocket and decide to attack another alliance, the other party has the option to join them but are not required to do so.

Article 4. Should one signatory decide the other signatory sucks, they may have the option to cancel the treaty, during which time there will be a 72 hour cancellation period in effect where there will be no aggression or shenanigans of any kind.



Musmahhu: All Seeing Eye
mdsmith: Minister of Defense
Helios: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Princess Redrum: Minister of Internal Affairs
goodison537: Minister of Finance
Sonny Corinthos: Minister at Large


Emperor: hartfw
Shogun: Autosave36
Daimyo of Foreign Affairs: Schad
Daimyo of War: Auctor
Daimyo of Internal Affairs: PresidentSO
Daimyo of Finance: Petro

Roju: Rogal Dorn, bcortell, dockingscheduled


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Sengoku are a horrible alliance, you should all be ashamed, except for Petro, he's alright.


That was nice of you to say but I'm still not letting you take care of the sheep when I go out of town.

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