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Territory of Bolivia

Peter Ilyich

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In the harsh state of America, when it seems that hope for civilization to advance is lost, The Territory of Bolivia comes into existence to help make America stable again. We will be lead my a military government, with Major General Foch leading this nation.

The Territory of Bolivia lays claim to Bolivia and multiple brazilian states in which were not claimed prior to our existence. Hopefully we are welcomed by other nations in america and they are friendly.


"Hello, my name is Major General Foch of the Territory of Bolivia. Our goals as an American nation is to assist in protecting this continent under all costs. In regards to any hatred we might get for our government, I want to assure people that this government is stable and is in no way communist or a dictatorship, so you way be assured that we may be trusted. Thank you, and god bless Bolivia."


God bless Bolivia. Land of the new ages, land of the free. We will protect the coasts, we will fight on the land, and we will fire from the sky until our land is returned to prosperity. Bolivia is not yet dead.

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Ambassadors would be sent to Bolivia representing the UGR, their goal would be to setup an embassy and inquire if Bolivia would want to join the New World Order Defense Bloc.

"Of course we will say yes. Whatever we need to do, if we must be at a certain meeting at a certain time, i'll be there. Just let me know."

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