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Let's try this again... a CNRP2 Vote


Protectorate Voting  

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^ There is the discussion thread. Here is the OP:

Simple Discussion
For a protectorate to be valid, you have to post it on the map thread so it can be duly noted after you RP taking it or what not.
Why? Because no one knows wtf you're protecting because they don't want to spend their weekend trying to read through your random news that have no effect on them.

No posting ITT unless you want your vote voided.

Poll will run for 48 hours.
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This ended a while ago but I'm way too high to run the numbers. Eva, you're really good at doing the CNRP polls. Would you mind giving me a hand here? If not, I'll put it up tonight.

edit: you guys can post now without voiding your votes

Edited by Hereno
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Should it be required to post protectorates in the map thread in order for them to be valid?

Yes - Markus Wilding, Hereno, Rudolph, Uberstein, Evangeline Anovilis, JEDCJT, Maelstrom Vortex, xoindotnler, Mogar, Lynneth, Centurius, Yerushalayim, Horo the Wise Wolf, Mr Director, Aggressivenutmeg, Imperator Azenquor, Vedran, jesbro, Chicago Noise, rok (19 total)
No - Californian, Greywall, Triyun, PolarBear69, Dillon1102, Voodoo Nova (5 total)

How long should players have to post currently-existing but non-posted protectorates, before they are forfeit?

One week from the end of the vote - Hereno, Rudolph, Evangeline Anovilis, JEDCJT, Californian, Yerushalayim, Horo the Wise Wolf, Greywall, Mr Director, rok (10 total)
Two weeks from the end of the vote - Uberstein, Maelstrom Vortex, Aggressivenutmeg, jesbro (4 total)
All current protectorates should count regardless, but all future ones need to be posted - Markus Wilding, xoindotnler, Mogar, Lynneth, Centurius, Imperator Azenquor, Triyun, PolarBear69, Vedran, Dillon1102, Chicago Noise, Voodoo Nova (10 total)

Do new players need to seek permission from the owner of the protectorate land before creating their nation?


Yes - Markus Wilding, Rudolph, Uberstein, Evangeline Anovilis, JEDCJT, Maelstrom Vortex, Mogar, Lynneth, Centurius, Yerushalayim, Mr Director, Aggressivenutmeg, Imperator Azenquor, Triyun, Vedran, Dillon1102, jesbro, Voodoo Nova (18 total)


No - Hereno, xoindotnler, Californian, Horo the Wise Wolf, Greywall, PolarBear69, Chicago Noise, rok (6 total)




xoindotnler and PolarBear69 were not counted, due to lack of a nation in the RP. Did not void myself, because my assistance was requested.


According to the poll, protectorates need to be posted in the map thread to be valid and people ought to ask for permission from protectorate holders to start a nation. On whether need to re-post in the map thread their existing protectorates and how long they have time to do this, or whether existing ones are carrying over without additional post is up for a run-off vote, due to option 1 and 3 both receiving 10 votes each and neither receiving a majority, and it being unclear whether the people in favour of two weeks would favour one week or no reposting at all.


Run-off poll can be found here.


GMs can confirm.

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