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NATO is a groupie on the Steve Buscemi apology tour


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The Unwelcome Suspects


Non Grata and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation hereby come together in this document to set some facts straight.

Article 1: Are you cool? I am Cool.

No Fighting each other and make sure the parties are cool.

Article 2: I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet. It's the one that says Bad MF

Aiding between parties is looked at kindly, as is sharing intel. Like where my wallet is.

Article 3: Say what again. Say what again, I dare you, I double-dare you...

If someone gets hit, we can jump in. If we want.  Or we can go and hit them first, together.

Article 4: Zed's dead baby...Zed's dead.

If this treaty goes the way of Zed, a mourning period of 72 hours occurs after one member informs the other.


/Signed for Non Grata

The Party Guys (Triumvirs)

Erwin Schrodinger, The Master of the Universe
Stewie, The Dirty Hippy
Lord Nettles, The Lord of the Dance

Old Man's Club (Advisors)

Caustic, The Bald
Derwood, The Old
Steve Buscemi, The Sexy Latte
MiketheFirst, The Secret Leader
dane0, The Blood God
King Xander, The Hidden One

The Part Timers (Deputies)

Duderonomy, The Slow
Unkajo (Krihelion), The Poor
Abshire, The n00b
Banslam, The Experienced

The Even More Part Timers (Conclave)

Prefontaine, The Lazy
Blackclown, The Gunslinger
Sunny Side King, The Bear
Trigger, The Resident Seer
KameraadLenin, The Communist
naabgamer, The Dutch
King Solomon, The Trader
Ying Yang Mafia, The Fluffer

The Honoured Ones



/signed for NATO


Tsayka - Secretary General

Berbers - Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Jekalle - Secretary of Defense

Landon Esser - Secretary of Commerce

Ionabis - Secretary of Enlistment

Tallon - Chief Justice



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I'd like to apologize to NATO for signing such a terrible treaty with such a subpar alliance.  Sure, NG isn't WAE, but they've got to be bottom 5.  Really couldn't you just sign MI6, an alliance with so much more potential and prob. a top 3 best alliance in CN right now.

Obviously our MI6 treaty is going up tomorrow.

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lol congrats guys.


Fun Tywin Factoid: I was a member of NATO right before joining NSO.


I could have gone my entire life without knowing that and been a much happier person :(

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