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Temp Band temp trader service

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Temp Trades for Hire






In this enlightened era, it is customary for CN:TE alliances to use temp traders to boost their military and economic power. Temp trading has grown so pervasive that many players feel they are unable to compete without temp trades. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends available to temp them. And sometimes, your friends just can't be online when you need them! To whom do you turn?


Introducing Temp Band, a brand-new temp trading service. In exchange for a trivial amount of Standard Edition money or technology, we will ensure you get the right temps at the right times. Whether you need Affluent Population for your 10day backcollect, coal and lead for your alliance war, or simply emergency uranium so you can buy a nuke before update, let us handle it.


Pricing is arranged on an ongoing basis, but you can expect to spend no more than one foreign aid slot for the use of our services. We are open to arranging special deals for people who are poor in SE or can't spare their own foreign aid slots. 


What we offer

-Any trades

-Any team

-Any time

-Negotiable pricing


What we ask

-Contact us in advance if possible

-Please inform us how long you need to hold on to our trades

-Please cancel your trades when you are finished using them

-3M+ delivered to an SE nation we will specify


Who to Contact

-Me, in-game or on the forums

-Join the #TEtemps channel in IRC






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This is an excellent idea, as it provides a huge benefit for both parties. However, I checked your channel and no one was on. So much for 24/7 hour service.  :mellow: But seriously, I'm surprised this hasn't been done earlier (if it has, I am unaware). Look forward to interacting with you guys in the future!

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I'd be willing to pay just to keep you guys in business. Awrsome service for people like me who would like temps but is too lazy to organize them and doesn't want to bug my busy SE friends.

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We don't have 24/7 IRC coverage for on-call temps. If you need temps at a specific time of day and that time isn't within an hour either side of update, you should contact me in advance. We will always have temps available over update.


If nobody's in the IRC channel, PM me in-game.

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