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A Notice to the Imperium of Japan


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It has come to the attention of the Indian Ocean Commission, that the Imperium of Japan has forces on Christmas Island, which is located inside of the Indian Ocean.  We find this development to be quite disturbing,  as it poses a threat to the security of various nations that depend on the Indian Ocean. As such, we are giving the Imperium of Japan fourty eight hours to withdraw all assets from the Christmas Islands. Failure to do so will be seen as an act of aggression, and we will respond with the appropriate action.


The Indian Ocean Commission



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"The Imperium has cooperated with the other Indian powers in Africa to ensure that our intentions are not hostile, it would appear that our belief of denying you access to the Malaccan Strait was the correct choice, considering your continued aggression against us even after blockading our nation, severely harming our economy. It would appear Persia is attempting to throw the weight around of the Indian Ocean Commission, and we will not bow down to further threats against us after your continued and unprovoked aggression towards us especially after we were viciously and randomly attacked without any denouncing from the Persian Empire.

We have attempted to collaborate with the surrounding nations in the Indian Ocean and have not dictated or demanded anything from another nation in the region, even as you continue to provoke us. We have respected your blockade of us, considered by us to be a punishment for our military's decision to not allow your fleet through our waterway due to receiving no prior notice and the Imperium being at war with the Nordic Kingdom, which appears to be a similar policy that the Indian Ocean Commission has within its own treaty. In the interest of displaying our willingness to cooperate, and to work with our neighbors, have requested to join the IOC.

The Imperium has been in the Malaccan Strait and Sumatra for  nearly its entire existance, and you are asking us to abandon over 50 million citizens, not to mention harming the economic prosperity of over 600 million people throughout Asia, not including those who are harmed from our inability to provide them with our finished goods. The Imperium of Japan has remained a stable force for the security of the East Indian ocean for its entire history, provide evidence to our hostile intentions to the global stage if we are such a threat to security. From our perspective the only aggressor here is you, Persia.

 If you genuinely have an issue with us, we invite you to speak to us as the African League has done, we were able to resolve any misunderstandings rather easily.



The full Imperium fleet would place itself near the Sunda Strait, still respecting the blockade. The Islands held by the Imperium in the Indian Ocean would retain a high alert status and maintain constant vigilance, simply waiting for the Persians to attack them.

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