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A Wire to Tikal and Cascadia


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From The Department of State of The Plains Federation

To The Directorate of Diplomacy of The Principality of Tikal

To The Foreign Ministry of The Kingdom of Cascadia



Director and Mister Minister,


Under the authority of the President and Congress of The Plains Federation, Governor Anthony Sparks has deployed the Texas National Guard to assist Tikal and Cascadia in establishing an American protectorate for new nations to arise in Alaska and the other relevant Canadian provinces on the Pacific Coast. I apologize that we are a little late in coming to the show, but we are going to come in a large force in a supportive role. I am sure the environment up there is rough and your men are tired; the Texans will be happy to assist in any way they can. I just wanted to give both the Tikalian and Cascadian governments a heads up. Expect the deployments to come sometime today. 


Please let me know if there are any problems,



Samuel Ireland

Deputy Secretary of State



Top Secret


The Texas Maritime National Guard successfully deployed its fleet to the TNG base, Port Ni'hau in Hawaii along with 2,500 soldiers of the Texas Army National Guard. The General of The Texas Army National Guard would contact the armed forces of the Principality of Tikal and request them to let 20,000 soldiers of the Texas Army National Guard through who will be travelling to the Port Ni'hau and then be deployed to the Pacific Coast. 


Meanwhile, the Texas Maritime Fleet set sail fully armed, manned, and equipped with tanks, transport vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and humanitarian aid. The fleet would first head for Anchorage, Alaska. Other cities would follow suit. They would head towards the city in a defensive position. If anything change they would be prepared to defend themselves or alter course.

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From: Directorate of Diplomacy, Principality of Tikal
To: Dpt. of State, Plains Federation
To: Foreign Ministry, Kingdom of Cascadia




I would just like to say that the Principality welcomes its closest ally's deployments with enthusiasm. Any chance to give our troops some well-deserved rest is appreciated."


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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"Captain, why do you think they waited to deploy us until now to Alaska and British Columbia? Tikal and Cascadia seem to be taking care of law and order fairly well." The captain's first mate kept watch of the radar but otherwise didn't have much to be doing at the moment. The captain checked his watch and their bearings. He looked up to his first mate, "Now that we've finished up with the Cornhuskers, I think the president and the governor believes we owe it to Tikal to help out with North American affairs since we have fallen a bit behind. I'm sure the Tikalian soldiers up in Alaska are just about frozen right now along with the Cascadians, we can provide some much needed relief." 


The first mate was watching the door as well. He saw a white tailored navy uniform and immediately stood up and saluted. "Admiral on deck!" The captain, first mate, and other officers did the same. "At ease laddies. What's our position? I told the governor I'd break radio silence once we deploy the guardsmen to the beaches." Everyone relaxed but the captain and first mate remained standing while the others quickly went back to their jobs and watching their instruments.  "Our ETA to launch point is thirty minutes sir. We'll be deploying to Anchorage first, as you know. Additional orders?" 


The admiral nodded, "Signal the other ships to begin preparing for launch. I'll get on coms personally." Edward grabbed the bridge microphone and clicked it on. "Attention sailors and soldiers of the PFS Sam Houston Aircraft Carrier, this is Admiral Edward Teach. All TNG ground-force units are to prepare for beachhead landing. Be in your designated areas in fifteen minutes. Your mission today will help save the lives of thousands of Alaskans and Canadians who need medical supplies, food, water and the establishment of law and order. Show them some Texan hospitality while you're at it. Admiral out." 


Sailors on the FPS Sam Houston signaled to adjacent ships to prepare for the beachhead landing. One-thousand six-hundred and eighty soldiers boarded the Amphibious Assault Vehicles loaded onto the San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Docks. The AAVs launched straight from the ships into the water. Meanwhile, each San Antonio ship had two LCACs capable of carrying six LAV-25s which transported another three-hundred and sixty troops to shore. The remaining four-hundred and sixty troops would be airdropped by the V-22 Ospreys on each of the San Antonios. The fleet was within a reasonable range for the aircraft carrier to have a reasonable effect if needed. When the first wave of men made it to the beaches they would set up defensive positions and establish contact with the fleet. At that point, Admiral Teach contacted the governor and updated him on "Operation Salmon". Governor Sparks would make sure the Secretary of State of Texas would relay the information back to Oklahoma for the president to know. 


Once the men were on land, Tikal and Cascadia would be alerted that the Texans had made landfall and would begin their humanitarian mission. Medical supplies, food, and water stored on different ships of the fleet would be brought to shore by helicopter. Once everything was considered safe, a small flotilla consisting of the San Antonio Class ships and a few frigates would head back to Hawaii to pick up more supplies and troops. As this had happened, the twenty-thousand reinforcements from Texas would be on their way from Tikal to Port Niihau in Hawaii.  

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The flotilla of San Antonio class ships and a few destroyers picked up more vehicles and 2,000 more soldiers from Port Niihau who had just arrived from their journey from Tikal. In a similar fashion to the successful landing at Anchorage, Alaska; another landing would take place for the troops and vehicles at Juneau, Alaska. The Maritime Fleet would rondevu with the flotilla and drop the troops off a Juneau. The flotilla then set sail back to Port Niihau to pick up 2,000 more troops. The fleet stayed within range of the city and awaited another rondevu. 

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