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Dispatch to Plains Federation


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Plains Federation,


Howdy Bro!  My boy Scotland says what's up!  We're getting a keg and a bunch of people together and going to have a fucking awesome party.  We were wondering if you could bring some Chili and Brisket, and wanted to come hang.  We've got Shiner and A Mechanical Bull.



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Howdy Partner (England),


Tell Scotland we said hey. We were grounded a while back during the midterm elections but now I think foreign policy isn't really a big deal to the people so going to your island for the party sounds pretty awesome. If Ireland or the Germans are coming I hope you ask them to bring the girls. We'll send that guy that runs Texas and someone from the State Department. See you there.


Plains Federation


P.S. I think Louisiana wants to be your friend or something, I don't know. They just said to say hi. Kinda weird..

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