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The Black Sea Trade


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[b]Diplomatic Communique to Romania:[/b]


Greetings from the British Isles.  It is my understanding you are in Control of the Bosporos and thus the Black Sea trade routes.  Britainnia is looking to expand her strategic economic, political, and trading relationships.  We would like to invite you to London to discuss the formation of a friendship that could include safe passage of British ships through the Bosporos into the Black Sea, political and economic cooperation in the Black Sea, and defense arrangements to ensure the security in the region.  If possible Britain would also like to acquire a regional dual-use port facility for patrols and shipping.


Francis Urquhart, Prime Minister of Great Britain

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Diplomatic Response


Romania is fine with sending an envoy to the Court of Saint James in order to discuss relations. However, while civil shipping through the Bosporus is only restricted by laws regarding safety and the capacity of the straits, we are unsure as to why British military shipping would provide the region with any meaningful benefit. It is our opinion that military shipping throught the Bosporus be open for Black Sea states, not for the world at large, lest it needlessly become another potential zone of international dispute. Romania is very much capable to provide security in the region, we see no reason to involve faraway Britain in the matter.



Alexandru Vlasceanu, Prime Minister of Romania

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