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Diplomatic Communique to the Dutch


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[b]Communique to the Northlands:[/b]


Gentlemen, the King of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Scotland sends you greetings and would like to discuss a treaty of friendship and agreement for our two nations peaceful coexistence in the North Sea and Cooperation in Europe.


It is the British desire to see trade flourish and ensure strategic trust and mutual prosperity between our two nations.  Chief among these are concerns pertaining to:


1)  Dutch reassurance that its ports on the Continent will not be used by forces which may support hostile operations against Britain.

2)  British Maritime Access to the Mediterranean

3)  Cooperation on Britain building its influence in the North Atlantic and Trade Beyond.


We look forward to addressing any concerns you might have.  




Francis Urquhart, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Scotland

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The following response would be sent to the United Kingdom:




The Northlands is glad to see the United Kingdom rise once more. King William IV sends his regards and well wishes. Your invitation to a conference is accepted and I look forward to discussing relations between our nations and matters of mutual interest.




Cristiaan van Leeuwenhoek

First Minister for the Northlands


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PM Urquhart would meet the First Minister of the Northlands at Westminster for discussions on the state of relations between the two counties.


"Mr. First Minister welcome to the United Kingdom, we very much look forward to a productive meeting.  It is our opinion that these have the potential to be fruitful dialogues but that we must be both considerate and practical. The British Government hops to achieve amnity in achieving our long term goals for these isles, our near seas, and the abroad.  It is our hope that Northlands will be amenable and cooperative in achieving this.  We sent you an agenda before hand, do you have thoughts on it?"

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Minister van Leeuwenhoek would greet the Prime Minister in kind. "Greetings, we too are optimistic about the future of relations between our two states. We've reviewed the agenda and are willing to discuss these areas in hopes of finding common ground and cooperation.


In regards to your first point, we can agree to this with reciprocation of course. A non-aggression pact between our states would encompass this and our desire to establish friendly relations as neighbors.


As to your second point, the Northlands works with our allies in the Mediterranean on these matters. We don't restrict civilian shipping and maritime access would only be restricted should a nation be at war with the Northlands or Carthage. Assuming your intentions are as noble as the history of the civilization that has inhabited this island we would have no issue cooperating with you on this matter.


However, this does bring up the matter of the English Channel. Obviously this is an an important shipping lane for us as well. Perhaps you could discuss assurances of Dutch access through this seaway particularly in light of your recent announcements.


Perhaps you could discuss more on the third topic of conversation. We are always eager to promote trade especially with friends and allies. How do you envision cooperation on building influence and trade?"

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"Should there be no action against Britain through the channel we will not shut it down, except in perhaps the most dire of emergencies such as the threat of cross channel invasion or a nuclear weapon aboard a shipping container or something of that severity.  Afterall the British do not wish to ham their economy the way some do by randomly shutting down areas.  We merely wish to reassert our sovereignty over the English Channel."  Urquhart said. 


"While the British have no intention of going to war with the Carthaginians or Northlands, we also wish to be forward looking and put in our interest there now, Carthage could always collapse or alternatively a new state without the reliability of Carthage could arise and be covered.  We wish to codify a guarentee there now that as it is unique because unlike the Channel going around is significantly more burdensome and the British needs to keep Cyprus supplied and commerce flowing between different parts of our nation. 


Which brings up the issue of the Azores.  This is an area where it is ou undestanding that has remained yet unincorporated by the Dutch.  It is our request that we be allowed to take sovereignty of one of the less populated islands suitable to the establishment of a forward position.  Afterall the more strategic depth the British Isles have the more it can carry out measured responses to threats to its own security in what can only be described as an anarchical world.  Further the ability to carry out operations from sovereign British soil produces a and ambiguity that could be useful to both of us.


This brings us to defense and cooperation.  Obviously the Northland Military Forces represent while capable for their size a relatively minor military force in comparison to some actors both whom show adventurism from abroad and some near actors such as Tikal or Iceland.  At the same time the Northlands hold sizable amounts of territory and a good deal of soft power in Europe.  It is Britain's opinion that we should consider a deeper level of mutual cooperation and consultation. 

Europe is largely facing a threat of increased competition for resources in its own backyard while facing exclusion abroad.  This can be in some measure met by diplomacy and engagement with outside forces, but so long as Europeans play eachother off to the outside while other powes grow, Europe will be in a weak state not unlike Italy during its period of disunity in the 15th and 16th century where it was one of the richest and most powerful parts of Europe but alsways subjected to the whims of foreigners. 


It is the British view that as such Europe must counter this not only with words but with credible actions.  As such Britain offers an agreement which would in exchange for Northlands supporting Britain claim sufficient strategic depth in Europe, to include the British Isles, the high seas,as welll as if the French who seem to have fallen into silence, Britain would be open to the continued support of Northlands to play a more central role in Central Europe.  This in turn would also offer us the opportunity to have political leverage equal to that of the now united Eastern Europe.

Britain would provide the Northlands with credible military capacity beyond minor powers like Alvonia, and the Northlands would help Britain build its role by conferring upon it greater political legitimacy."

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"We are open to further mutual cooperation and consultation with the United Kingdom. As you have mentioned, a stable Europe would be much preferable to the fractious array of bickering nations and allegiances that currently exist. There continues to be unrest, although this is due in large part to unstable states like Alvonia and the unfortunately frequent collapse of nations such as Italy, Sparta, and Snow Haven. The Northlands is always looking for like minded nations to work together to help promote peace.


That being said, we don't believe limiting ourselves to a specific region or sphere is conducive to our interests. We have no issue standing together with Britain on matters such as the world's oceans. But as a nation which relies heavily on sea trade and transportation, we too have a stake in this matter. While we are obviously most involved with central European affairs due to the proximity and frequent tensions, we live in an era where the entire picture of Europe and the world must be considered. We are fortunate to have many partners in Europe with whom we work closely together, expanding the scope of importance to beyond central Europe.


With close ties between our nations, we find no issue with ensuring British access to the Mediterranean. And as you have mentioned, the Northlands currently administers the Azores. We would be willing to cede Flores Island to the British, although you will need to appropriately compensate the few citizens of the island if they choose to relocate and agree the island falls back to Northlandic control should England collapse, obviously."







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"Yes of course, what we are saying though is that everyone is husbanding their resources for areas of greatest import.  By having a partnership between the British and the Northlands, Northlands will have to worry about its sea lanes significantly less and therefore would have a greater hand in moving resources towards Central Europe should a crises there occur. 


The British Nation would have no issue with your proposal for the Azores, though obviously, should Britain collapse, we'd have very little to say as we would be... collapsed." he said smiling wryly.

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