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The World Map of CNRP2


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So, guessing from the map colouring, I'm supposed to make 6 more posts on integrating my majority-Romanian regions I got as a present?

Well, someone complained that gifts shouldn't be treated differently from other land transfers, and considering that gifts aren't specified in the rules, previous occasions have in fact been doing it wrong.
In short, yes, you'll unfortunately have to do the full 7 posts.


The relevant posts are all in there, one after another, this time, I should have enough for you to officially add Israel to Alexandria. Thanks Lynneth. :3

You already have Israel on the map? I'm not sure what you want me to add. Anything more would be Palestine, Lebanon, etc.

Anyways, update.

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Just a quick question: For land expansion, you have to post 7 posts, one a day i know that. But are the only posts that count ones regarding the land you want to annex? I ask because i have posted one RP post about the land i want to annex, but i want to make another post NOT regarding that. Can i do that without haveing to start the 24 hour clock over again?

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I believe Generalissimo is contesting the territory.

As far as I'm aware he's not contesting them with his actual nation (Bear Islands), but with an optionally recognisable entity which allows us amusing back-and-forth RP. Chances are the RP'll continue beyond the 7th post simply for fun.

But if a GM wants to rule anything invalid, they're free to do so.

Edited by Lynneth
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Please could you mark the yellow land that's striped red (Mecklenburg-Verpommern, West Pomerania, Greater Poland, and Lubusz), plus Silesia, Lower Silesia, Opole and Kuyavia-Pomerania? Thanks. Here are seven posts:


Suggestion: Instead of the copypasting, you write one paragraph for each 'bulk' and mention all of them in that one, instead of copypasting the same paragraph for several and risking that people complain. :V:


As of http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122709-the-carthaginian-times/?p=3299758 Sardinia has had 7 posts made for annexation into Carthage.

Next time, I'd like a link to each individual post.


Gonna need a map for that. The wiki article on 'Marmara region' has it as too populous to be annexed in one go.



Also Update.

Should have everything relevant in it. As usual, tell me if something's inaccurate.

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