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Dominion of the Grand Enclave


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The Dominion of the Grand Enclave






The Dominion of the Grand Enclave is a new white team alliance led by 2burnt2eat, who previously founded ICB and ASU, in addition to serving in various other alliance governments. If you're looking for a massive alliance with hundreds of members, this alliance isn't for you. If you're looking for a chance to call the shots and the opportunity to see an alliance grow from humbling beginnings, and know you're a cause of that success, then this alliance is for you.


Here, you won't be a brick in the wall, or a face in the crowd. Each member is valued, and the problem of any nation in the alliance is considered a problem for the whole alliance. Likewise, the success of each member is considered a success for the alliance; we're all in this together.


Our forums: http://cn-doge.forumotion.com/

IRC Channel: #doge


If you'd like more information please contact 2burnt2eat.




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