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All that is necessary for good to triumph is for bad men to do nothing.

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It falls to me as a distinct honor on this day to announce the rebirth of Bad Company. ALL HAIL! While Bad Company has their detractors in DefCon1 and the slanderers over at War Doves speaking ill of them, I think it's important to bring a different side of the story to this place. For too long, TE has suffered under the scourge of elitism. Let it be known that on this day, Bad Company is willing to stand up to snobbery.

I feel it's also important to note that this alliance does not have a secret treaty with Dukes of Hazard. In case you were wondering.

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I actually was wondering. Thanks for the prompt and sufficient public notice.

Your bravery knows no bounds. It is an honor to say so. Just incase you were wondering.


I secretly was wondering.

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