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The United Nations of Asia


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Closed for now, i am joining a alliance to get more money first, so don't delete this mods, i will return.


I am Unit2, Chancellor of The United Nations of Asia and i want YOU to join our alliance, our sign on bonus is $950,000.(950k)(you will get that after 1 week of being active). Also if you stay in the alliance for one month you will get $1,000,000M.(1 million) for a reguler member(that is still to rise), and if you join and become a part of the UNA Goverment you will get a raise to 1,500,000M.(1.5million)(This is still to rise) every two and a half weeks. Also you must be Blue, Maroon, Red or White team.

As of now we do not have forums but they are on the way of getting them.

Charter of the United Nations of Asia

Article I: Government

Chancellor Unit2 is the man in charge. All decisions are ultimately made by him. The Chancellor cannot be removed except by his own resignation.

In the interest of giving the membership of the United Nations of Asia a voice in their alliance, every two months elections will be held for the United Nations of Asia Council. The four Council seats are won by simple majority. The Council seats are Foreign Affairs, War and Defense, Finance and Economics, and Internal Affairs. The various Councilors are to act as a liaison between Chancellor Unit2 and the UNA membership, as well as other alliances.

Article II: War Policy

Member must ask for and receive permission from the Council in order to declare war on another nation. Member nations are free to develop nuclear weapons if they choose, however, the use of nuclear weapons in a war without being fired upon with nuclear weapons first is forbidden. The practice referred to as "tech-raiding" is also forbidden. Any member who declares war without Council permission, fires a nuke offensively, and/or engages in tech-raiding shall be expelled from the alliance without appeal, and declared upon by the United Nations of Asia until their nation is without infrastructure.

Article III: Espionage

Members are free to purchase spies to protect their nations from outside espionage attempts, however, they are forbidden from committing acts of espionage against other nations with which they are not at war. Espionage during declared warfare is acceptable. Espionage against other alliances in any form is not acceptable, ever. Any member who is caught engaging in espionage outside of a state of war or against another alliance will be expelled from the alliance and sentenced to a state of zero infrastructure.

Article IV: Joining the United Nations

Any nation seeking to learn more about the United Nations of Asia prior to applying need not have resigned their current alliance yet in order to do so; however, nations must fully resign their current alliance membership and set their alliance affiliation to "UNA Applicant" before submitting their application. Members may choose to base their nations in either the Blue, White, Maroon and Red trading spheres. Dual membership is not allowed.

Article V: Expulsion from the United Nations:

Members will be labeled as a traitor and kicked from the alliance for engaging in any of the following: joining another alliance without completely resigning from the UNA before doing so, sharing inappropriate or harmful content (gross, pornography, illegal information, etc) with the alliance community, verbally or militarily assaulting any alliance member or Councilor, violating any standing treaty held by the alliance, or breaking any charter provisions or other alliance guidelines. The Chancellor and Council may decide to sentence any member to ZI for any reason resulting in expulsion, and may expel members for other behavior or actions that may pose a danger to the alliance or any member therein.

Article VI: Dissolution of the Alliance

The United Nations of Asia cannot be dissolved or disbanded except by decision of the Chancellor.

If you have any more questions please fell free to post them here or PM them to me.

Thanks ,

Chancellor Unit2

Edited by unit2
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