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TE: Cruise missile damage modifier seems off

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I've been fighting a lot in TE this round, but up until this point all my wars were ~200 tech with no WRC and so forth. Always 5 satellites, though, as a side note. The amount of missile defenses was variable depending on the war, but I was fighting some huge War Doves opponents last war and many definitely had missile defenses as they mostly had SDIs.


During War Doves war, I dealt roughly 7 to 10 infrastructure damage per CM. That's with the satellites, but no navy, only 200 tech, and no WRC.


Since my last wars, I've gotten myself 10 destroyers, kept those 5 missile defenses, gotten an additional ~470 tech (for a total of 670), and bought a WRC. I've essentially got 1140 tech worth of extra damage, +20% from the Destroyers, right? But I don't.

As of me typing this, I'm doing less than 10 infrastructure damage per CM. I've gained no damage, even though I should be dealing quite a bit more. 

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