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United Guyana Factbook


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Government: Democratic Republic

Head of State: President Jean Hollande

Currency: Guyana dollar

Official Language: French

Regional Languages: English, Spanish, German

State Religion: Catholic

Other religions: Protestant, Islam, Judaism, Popol Vuh


Ethnic groups: European Caucasian, East Indian, Black (African) 

National Sports: Baseball, Ice Hockey, Football (soccer), Rally racing, F1. 


GDP: 12.76 billion

Population: 16,160,000

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Republican Guard Information


Republican Guard Army: Full strength 212,000


Primary Firearm: FAMAs 5.56 mm assault rifle, MP5 9mm sub machine gun, M249 5.56mm LMG. 

Secondary Firearm: Beretta 9mm handgun.

Explosives: M67 hand grenade, C4.


Light vehicles: Humvee, Chevrolet K5 Blazer.

Armored vehicles: Leopard 2a5 battle tank, FV 101 Scorpion.


Aircraft: Mirage C 2000, F-16, CH-54, UH-60 Blackhawk, Avro Vulcan.


Navy: Espora-class Corvette, Type 23 Frigate.


Airforce strength: 500 fighter craft

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