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They call me El Matador


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General Alberto Mojito Jello wins the Presidency


MADRID - A victory parade was held for General Jello following his election as President of a newly independent Spain. The parade, featuring all branches of the armed services, was an unexpectedly flashy appearance for the normally reserved president. President Jello is even known to hesitate wearing all his service medals for fear of being too ostentatious. The President's acceptance speech closely mirrored his campaign promises, with only a few minor surprises in his timeline for reconstruction on the nation's infrastructure with major financing going to state owned rail lines before other major works begin. As expected, the president thanked the Carthaginians for their assistance and a guarantee of independence. It is thought the president's first visit overseas will be to the Carthaginian homeland. It is not yet known who the president will choose to fill his cabinet positions, although that has not stopped speculation that the president will choose his brother-in-law Colonel Kennen Francisco Carlomagno, or to his friends simply KFC, as Minister of the Interior. A position Colonel Carlomagno has long been interested in after finishing his service in the army's engineering corps. The President will immediately be tested as the Spanish economy has stagnated following years of mismanagement and a lack of tourism due to instability in the region. The first year of his presidency will surely be a barometer of what can be expected for the remaining four more. 

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The Imperium of Japan welcomes a restored Spanish nation, no longer under the rule of Portugal, we look forward to working with you to ensure a stable Mediterranean."

-Osamu Saito, Minister of Foreign Affairs.


:Classified Message to Spain.

"After you have gotten settled into your office, drop us a line, our Empress would like to meet with you as a new nation sharing a border with our greatest ally, we would like to maintain warm relations with you."

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