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Declaration of War

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I like to keep things short and sweet. Partly becasue more of my effort goes into killing than making things pretty for y'all.


TPC and Misfits declare war on OP and NDO


Stats as of 30 mins before blitz


30 Nations
585,999 NS
19,533 ANS
200 Nukes (22 Nations)
2 nations over 30k NS
6 nations over 25k NS
11 nations over 20k NS
3 nation over 15k NS
1 nation over 10k NS
37 Nations
599,656 NS
16,206 ANS
195 Nukes (21 Nations)
1 nations over 30k NS
5 nations over 25k NS
13 nations over 20k NS
0 nation over 15k NS
3 nation over 10k NS
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Good luck everyone.


Since I know people will try to apply Stalinistic models of fairness as they do to every declaration, yes they have a higher ANS, but there ws no option that would have lined up with them evenly, and they clearly went for high ANS AAs.

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I'm a little disappointed I woke up to no wars against me :(
That's ok I filled my slots and left 3 open for anyone who would like to stop by
Don't worry about cleaning your shoes before coming in the floors are already full of blood , and if your gonna raid my stash just leave enough for me to buy some beer and pay for the hookers as they leave :p

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I came out of work and about to login in my nation but notice i wasn't in top 10 no more and i am like "this can't be good" lol this should be a fun war!


Been there before  :laugh:  best of luck!


o/ damaging damaging war  :war:

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           MISFITS + TPC...?  VS  OP + NDO...?    Oh my,oh my...!    So friends and almost friends together  to combat against each other...  !  :( 


            Well, I can see .the Old Order has left the War' Theater .... !      Have FUN my Friends and semi-friends... Hope It will be an Epic One ...! ;) :war: :nuke: :gun: :popcorn:

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