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Welcome to Al Jazeera, the number 1 news network in the Middle East and North Africa. We begin our coverage by thanking the Saudi Arabian Confederation for giving us a new headquarters in Jizan, here we will be operating throughout the region to bring you top stories affecting the Confederacy today.



Starting off the SAC will begin opening up its oil trade making bold statements that the oil industry here in Saudi Arabia will be a multi billion dollar industry. Accounts are to be set up with most if not all the major nations of the world. Already several million barrels of oil are ready to be shipped and sold to foreign buyers. 


The high command of the Saudi military announced their plans to increase military deployment throughout the country as a measure for order and peace. This comes right after Chancellor Khalin along with members of the Council approved an additional 58.4 million riyal increase in military spending. 

Khalin also hinted that he wants a full fledged navy by the end of the year to protect shipping, for now armed guards on transport ships will be used to deter pirates and other threats from attacking Saudi shipping.



Saudi troop numbers grow to meet deployment needs. 


Large scale redesigns of several coastal water treatment plants are being implemented in a move to bring more fresh clean water to inner Saudi Arabia from the ocean using desalination. A brand new plant is being built right here in Jizan and will supply over 300 gallons of water a day. Along with other plants throughout the Saudi coast the new design is to bring in total 5 billion gallons of water daily from the ocean. Wastewater treatment plants inland are being remodeled as well to match the increased use of water.



Concept of the new plant being built in Jizan in the next few months.


Finally, rumors are buzzing that communication with Iraq has come to a screeching halt, Chancellor Khalin commented that Saudi Arabia is keeping a close eye on their neighbor to the North hoping things are going well.


That's all the time we have here, from our new studio in Jizan, we thank you for tuning in. 

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Hi, and welcome back to Al Jazeera News. The number 1 news network of the Confederacy and the most trusted source of news in the Middle East.


Today we bring you the topic that has people wondering how stable is Europe? A confrontation between Austria and Prussia nearly caused a conflict to break out over German territories. No one within either party had anything to comment to our journalist but we find it troubling that things aren't as peaceful in Europe as some members of the Council say it is.


In other news, large stockpiles of oil are being put into warehouses due to buyers not purchasing quantities that were estimated by several drilling companies. Prices have been lowered to attract foreign buyers but Chacellor Khalin stated he plans to leave for a tour to push Saudi relations.

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