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Saudi Arabia


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There is wealth in oil, and there is power in wealth, that is what my father told me growing up in the slums of Riyadh. I have worked hard for this, years of deception, betrayal, and bloodshed have come to this...my empire. - Khalin Yaziz, Supreme Chancellor of the Saudi Arabian Confederation.





Government: Confederated states

National Religion: Islam

Currency: riyal

Head of state: Khalin Yaziz

Capital: Riyadh 

Armed forces: 112,000

Main industries: oil drilling, production and shipping of gasoline. 


From this day forth, the nation of Saudi Arabia is an independent nation, the army has been established for national defense and to preserve order within the nation. For those who oppose our new found independence and order, they will find only death and despair. 

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Saudi Arabia thanks the nations of Burma, Austria and Tianxia for recognizing its newfound independence. If any nation is interested in trade or diplomacy, our Foreign Affairs department has graciously opened a set of embassies for your nations in the city of Riyadh.



Thank you once again.


- Khalin Yaziz, Supreme Chancellor of the Saudi Arabian Confederation.

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A first step


Location: Palace of Saud


"How bothersome, these meetings, they happen every week now the bureaucrats, the businessmen, the holy men, and the hawks all wanting a piece of the pie that is my time...how impatient I grow with them." Khalin spoke softly as he walked toward a set of double doors behind them were some of the most powerful men in Arabia, owners of major oil companies, heads of the military, governors of the state, and tribal chieftains he had to impress in order to keep them from raiding drilling wells...politics had become a chore he grew most tired of. 


As he pushed the doubledoors opened, decorated with traditional Arabian carvings and a finish that showed it to be relativly new, a guard standing by announced "presenting his grace, the supreme chancellor of Saudi Arabia, Khalin Yaziz". He walked in and was showered with prasies by the men, all of whom would think nothing of it to stab him in the back and feed him to the dogs. 

But they knew better.

Khalin had worked his way into becoming the most powerful of them all through years of work and building a strong network of support to keep the rabid dogs at bay. As Khalin approached a long table at the end was his chair, lavish and white it suited a king, the other chairs were brown cheap a simple message to those who would sit in them. "Sit" and they did, the power of a king, but with the bitter bureaucracy of a republic. "Well who wants to go first?" Khalin said rather bitterly, he knew what they wanted to talk about, the same old dribble...


"We should push our prices up!" 

"Our armed forces need better equipment!"

"The Christians and Jews have infected our country with the false word!"

"We must press Athens for our Northern territories!"

"Nay! press our forces into the Indian Ocean, establish ourselves!"


It all became white noise against a background of mindless bickering, but through it a voice broke through, quiet and small.


"I have a new desalination plant design that could help us bring water throughout the country"


The voice gradually got louder through the bickering until he heard it clearly. 


"I have a new, sir sir, I have a new desalination plant design that could bring clean water throughout the country"


And with that Khalin slammed his fist on the table, "SILENCE!"

And there was silence, he pointed to the man at the end of the table, "you, what did you say?" 


The man leaned over inside the table to face the chancellor, he was short, balding and wore glasses while sporting a small goatee.He seemed to be overwhelmed by the situation but pushed on to say what he was trying to get through "Oh, right well I have a new desalination design for our water treatment plants along the coast, they could easily triple our fresh water supplies and be networked through.." he was interrupted by a cleric 

"Is this what we are talking about!? water? fucking water!? we should be talking about the damn jews and christians from the infidel west are invading our.."


Khalin had heard enough, "EVERYONE OUT!. I'll discuss your issues the House of Representatives tomorrow, and not another word!" They started getting and leaving quickly, Khalin had a short temperament and they knew not to press it, but before the short man could get out Khalin belted out "You, stay".


As the room cleared out he pointed to a seat next to his, "sit down, tell me more of this water treatment plant...and your name"


The man sat down, putting a leather bag onto the table and pulling out blueprints "My name is Omar, I graduated from the university of Riyadh, and I have a new desalination plant design that will increase our output by several million gallons and this new network of pipes will be able to feed our most isolated settlements". Khalin looked through the designs, his interest peaked, the designs held up and the current treatment plants were outdated and barely keeping up with the growing demand. "If I may sir, there were many other umm...needs for your attention, why did you find this one more pressing?", Khalin looked up at Omar and laid the documents down. He got up and walked to large window panes that lined the room, the sun was setting show a beautiful scene over the capital, and he gave Omar his answer. "Do you know, what power is? power is the ability to give to others what the rest are unable to. I give oil, gasoline, bullets, jobs, order...but these are things other can give." 

He began walking down the hall waving his hand to Omar to follow him to the door, Omar grabbed his things and scurried over while Khalin continued, "at any time a foreign force can walk in, bring in oil, bring in order, bring in jobs and make us useless and forgotten as our land becomes a province." He stopped to let Omar make it up to him and he grabbed the bag from him "but this, my friend, is something none of them could bring or take, and that is comfort in clean water" he gave the bag back to Omar and opened the door, "i'll see you at the house of representatives, until then you will be mailed a very gratuitous fee for bringing this to me, have a nice day" and with that Omar left. 


As Khalin left for his personal quarters, a guard asked him a simple question "rough day sir?" 

Khalin responded with a simple answer "just a first step in a long road ahead" and Khalin went to sleep before a busy day before the bickering of the bureaucrats. 

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