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Today, it is my pleasure to announce that the North Atlantic Defense Coalition is officially eight years old. Through our eight years of existence, the NADC has seen many ups and downs--though through it all, we have survived and we remain strong.  The NADC has provided us with a place to call home, and a close-knit community we can count on.  The NADC has had many friends and allies over the course of its life, and these ties have made the NADC stronger. In the past two years, the NADC has worked very closely with our allies in Aftermath and have formed new friendships and allegiances.  The role of these friendships in our survival is not lost on those within the NADC--and we are grateful for the opportunity to work and grow together.


Admittedly, this birthday is bittersweet--as this term, Tiagoroth, our longest-serving Secretary General decided not to run and has since parted ways with the alliance (he is now with our good friends in CRAP). His unprecedented seven terms in office will be part of his legacy--as support for his leadership never  faltered.  His hard work, commitment and dedication for the NADC will be missed, and he will always be known within our ranks as part of 'the family.' Our new Secretary General, Aurelius, has a strong vision of his own for the NADC and is working tirelessly to reenergize the alliance and carve a new path for us, focusing heavily on recruitment and engagement. In this way, we are looking ahead--for the history that has yet to be created and for the opportunities that are on the horizon. 


The following are some thoughts shared by government, past and present: 




Another year has passed, and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition celebrates its eighth birthday. Our alliance is nearly as old as the game itself. Whilst longevity by itself is not necessarily the mark of a great alliance, we do not take for granted the fact that we are essentially the same alliance as we were when we started eight years ago. But our commitment to our core ideals and values, in particular democracy and non-aggression, does not blind us to the fact that it is necessary to constantly strive forward and to innovate if we want to keep what we have gained and to become an even better alliance.


At this our eighth birthday, I pay tribute not only to the members of government who have previously led the Coalition but also to the members, both present and past, whose contribution and commitment mean that our Coalition is still alive and strong today. I also thank our allies for the steadfast friendship and support that they have given us. I hope that our friendships will continue to remain strong and to grow even stronger.


As a recently elected Secretary General, I hope to continue to make the Coalition better so that, in a year’s time and a year after that and a year after that, we can continue to celebrate our Coalition. I am excited and optimistic about our future prospects.


Happy birthday, NADC!


-Aurelius, Secretary General





When I returned to the game two years ago, the Coalition greeted me as a legend, larger than life. I was amazed and humbled, but I also felt a lot of pressure. Pressure to live up to expectations, and there were a lot. But over time, I learned that I didn't need to live up to anything. The NADC didn't need me anymore, they didn't need heroes or legends. The Coalition had been through a lot, it had struggled, but it had survived and become all the better for it. The Coalition now is stronger and more unified now than it has ever been in its existence, having persevered through trials that have brought countless other alliances to their knees. It is an alliance forged by fire and adversity into a well tempered steel, and however large it grew before and whatever successes it achieved while I was around, I couldn't be more proud of where it is now. We still have challenges to overcome, but I'm confident that we will do so together. 

Azure Mantle, Founder & Assembly Chairman




A Grand Affair

Mr. Puffin’s wedding

Was a very grand affair.

All his distant cousins

From the Hebrides were there.

Dressed in silk tuxedos

They arrived in single file,

Looking rather nervous

As they shuffled down the aisle.

Soon the bride herself arrived

Upon a seashell carriage,

Pulled by sixteen walruses

Who’d come to see the marriage.

Waiting at the pulpit

Was a dignified Great Auk.

He hushed the congregation

Then began to slowly talk.

‘Do you take this puffin

For your lawful, wedded wife?

To cherish and protect her

And to love her all your life?’

‘I do!’ cried Mr. Puffin

As he fumbled with the ring,

And weeping salty tears of joy

He slipped it on her wing.

‘I now pronounce you bird and wife!’

The Great Auk proudly said.

Many birds began to sniff

And several tears were shed.


The newlyweds’ reception

Was a wonderful success!

Everybody raved about

The bride’s exquisite dress.

The music was enchanting

And the seafood was divine.

Everybody helped themselves

To caviar and wine.

The razorbill was riotous

And danced a mad quadrille,

Balancing a glass of punch

And trying not to spill.

The gannet gobbled everything,

(Including several guests).

He tried to kiss a kittiwake

And made himself a pest.

The guillemot was garrulous

And told the same old tale,

About the time he hitched a ride

Upon a humpback whale.

Eventually the newlyweds

Got tired and went to bed.

‘Such a lovely couple!’

As the oystercatcher said.

Mr. Puffin’s wedding

Was a very grand affair.

All the birds attended,

Such a shame you weren’t there!


The NADC has been through so much and in which people would think it'd be defunct by now, But no we are here proud and strong and here to not only support our allies but to stand in the way we think is best. These 8 years have been more than historic but rather an enlightenment to not only Planet Bob but our allies. Thanks to everyones hard work and dedication!


-Zygon, Deputy Secretary General

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My god it's been so long. And there are so many good NADC memories. No matter where I travel, the NADC will always be my home.


Love the new graphics, by the way. That's the one thing that the NADC has certainly raised the bar on in the CN world.

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Eight years and still kicking. Is it time to start planning for our 10 year birthday?! :p


o/ Atlantica

o/ Viva la Coalición

o/ Pro Ordo, Pro Pacis, Pro Vox

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My god it's been so long. And there are so many good NADC memories. No matter where I travel, the NADC will always be my home.


Love the new graphics, by the way. That's the one thing that the NADC has certainly raised the bar on in the CN world.


Yeah, we're thinking of doing Tee Fury shirts next ...

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Awesome news indeed! I am honored to say the CCC has had friendship and brotherhood with NADC for many of those 8 years. I pray NADC is around for 8 more! 

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