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In a search of friendship and cooperation, Sparta and Alpha Wolves recognize this Protectorate treaty and agree to abide to the terms therein until they decide for its cancellation or Alpha Wolves reaches a point where it can act independently as a sovereign alliance.

Article I - Protection and Non-Aggression

Being a protectorate of Sparta, Alpha Wolves will receive assistance, whether that be economic, political or military, and be protected from raiders or Alliance wars. Alpha Wolves may join Sparta in one of their wars if they wish to do so. Both signatories agree to pledge Non-Aggression both in private and in public and show culture and understanding.

Article II - Economic Cooperation

Alpha Wolves shall receive economic support when possible and reasonable for the purpose of establishing a capable economy. In addition, both signatories agree to give preference to each other when it comes to Technology Dealing.

Article III - Intelligence

Should any of the signatories gain information that is important to one another, this information shall be conveyed as soon as possible in private. Furthermore, Alpha Wolves shall consult with Sparta should they want to commit any important external actions, such as declaring a war or signing treaties.

Article IV - Cancellation

Should either of the signatories wish for the cancellation of this Protectorate Treaty, the other party shall be informed 48 hours in advance. During these 48 hours before cancellation, all Articles and Terms of the treaty shall remain active. Should any of the signatories come to a grave violation of the treaty, then the other signatory reserves the right to terminate it immediately.

Signed for Sparta:

-DeathAdder, Basileus
-Yerushalayim, Tyrannos
-Faroah, Archephor of Sparta
-MetalSnow, Ephor of Lykoi
-ForSparta, Elder of Lykoi
-DannyTheKiller, Elder of Philoxenia
-Jessica Rabbit, Elder of Mesoa
-Whitetigger, Advisor to Sparta


For Alpha Wolves:

-Malakarlian - Owner/ Alpha Wolf
-Russian Czar - Diplomat/ Beta Wolf
-Ric Rast - Recruiter/ Sentinel Wolf

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We are thankful for the protectorate.



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I see a couple of my raiding buddies here, sup guys. Congrats on the treaty and such.

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I think I'm more excited about Danny than the treaty.

Still good stuff!

If Danny likes you... well, you're not completely awful.

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