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DoE: Republik (Part 2)

Jarl Frost

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OOC: Required, required for map space. Original DoE for CNRP1 here.


Jean sat in his chair, idly napping in the noon-day sun. The old man, a resident in the city of Toamisina, napped a lot these days, having retired after 35 years working for a fishing company that operated out of the busy and prosperous port town. His small house on the shore was ideal; a private dock, his own boat, and few tourists. He even had a special rocking chair he kept on the end of his dock so that he might do his own fishing or, as was the case today, relaxing and enjoying good weather. Snoozing with a book resting on his chest, he didn't notice the considerably younger man approaching him from behind, nor did he stir when the younger man sat in the extra chair beside him.

"Jean...hey, hey Jean," the new guy said quietly, trying not to startle the old man. Jean stirred only but a little, shifting his feet for comfort, but still snoozing. This time the young man called his name while gently pushing his shoulder, and Jean gave a huge snort as he awoke.

"Ayahhh, who, what?" he said, adjusting himself higher into his chair. He rubbed his eyes before putting his glasses back on, which had slipped down his nose. He immediately looked around and noticed the younger man sitting next to him with a small grin on his face.

"Did I disturb you?" the younger man asked jokingly.

"Could have let an old man sleep, Mr. Holsting," Jean grunted, carefully marking the page he was on in his book before closing it and setting it down next to his now-warm tea on the dock.

"So," Jean said, looking up now at Mr. Holsting "what brings you down to my little piece of paradise...finally I might add, Dean," he finished, giving Dean Holsting a stern look, to which Dean kept smiling disarmingly.

"Jean, old man, you know I would have visited sooner, but you know how it is; running a business on this island is a damned hard job..." Dean began to answer but he was cut off by Jean.

"You don't get to lecture me about running a business in Madagascar young man. I just spent 35 years turning a small fishing boat into a multi-million franc company. It should be noted I found the time to raise a son who now runs that same company, so I think you could have found the time to at least attend an old friend's retirement party!" Jean said in a raised voice, and Dean's smile faltered some. There was silence for a moment, and then two broke into laughter.

Dean Holsting was the son of an North American immigrant to the island, just one of and incredible many fleeing from the region and Europe as the result of war and instability over the decades. As a result, the natives of Madagascar had to adjust to a significantly less homogenous society, an adjustment that threatened civil war. But Dean's Father, Jimmy Holsting, and Business leader and Local leader Jean Nividy, came together and through business ties, personal freindship, and a little luck, managed to diffuse the situation.

"Really though, Dean, it's not like you to just drop in so suddenly," Jean said, again sternly looking at his young friend. Dean rubbed his hands together, gazing out into the open seas. In the distance, he could see some South African naval ships lazily trolling the ocean, looking out for pirates and illegal activity.

"There's been a lot of talk in the upper levels," he replied, taking his time. His purpose visiting his old friend was important, and he didn't want to rush things.

"City leaders, business leaders, the whole lot of us. We think it's time the Madagascar be a little...more, than what it is," he finally said, trying to lay the news down lightly. Jean leaned forward in his chair, the wood creaking.

"Dean, you're talking a national government, aren't you?" the old man asked seriously. Dean nodded, opening his suit jacket and pulling out a pamphlet from the inside pocket.

"We're working on an election system, and a lot of money is going into it. Not all the regions are on board, mind you, but we think we have enough supporters in the upper crust to make this move forward," Dean answered as Jean took the pamphlet. It was one of soon to be many mass copied ones, written in malagasy, that explained the electoral process.

"Well, that's all very nice," Jean said, adjusting his glasses as he read the pamphlet "Yes, very nice indeed. Well that's good, things might improve in the other cities. Must say, though, can't imagine why you came to tell me about it personally," he added, closing the pamphlet.

"That's the thing, Jean. The business leaders and city leaders and myself...well, we want you to be President."





Declaration of Existence: The Republic of Madagascar


            We, the people of Madagascar, do on this day declare ourselves an independent and sovereign Republic. In these trying times, have brought together our best and brightest to lead our diverse people into a brand new future; one of prosperity, one of strength, and one of peace. By unanimous decision of our nation's collective business and regional governmental leaders, Jean Nividy is hereby appointed to the office of President, to lead the newly formed National Transitional Government as it seeks to establish a constitution and an election to form the 1st Congress of Madagascar. President Nividy will be joined by two representatives from each of the 6 provinces to form the National Transitional Council. who will aid our President in forming a more permanent government.


Lester.jpgNewly Appointed President Jean Nividy

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OOC: As this is a port, please look here , here , and here for nation development


EDIT: Just ignore any diplomatic or development that specifically refers to CNRP 1 nations. Anytime I post something I will be sure to specifically mark 1 or 2 in the post. Thanks!

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ooc: small issue taken care of in IRC. All's good in the hood, yo


Missive Regarding GLR Troops on Madagascar


There has been some question as to the legitimacy of the new Republik's governing body, a question emboldened given the presence of GLR military personnel on the island. To clarify: The GLR military has, in recent times, spent considerable energy and time preventing chaos and instability in Madagascar, with the formation of the Republikan government a culmination of those efforts. GLR troops will continue to operate within Madagascar for the short interim, as work they currently are engaged in will be complete. Outposts and bases will eventually be turned over to Madagascar Repulikan forces, as soon as those are developed. This is an amicable and mutually supportive arrangement. Thank you

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