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UGR-Rio de Janeiro relations


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Ricardo Fontae was only 23 years old and one of the youngest diplomats in the republic, and his first assignment was an important one. Rio de Janeiro was at work rebuilding Brazil, and the UGR wanted to be right in the mix helping them out. Fontae arrived by plane and went to the UGR embassy recently built in Southern Rio, it wasn't anywhere near the class of the other UGR embassies as establishing relations with Rio was a recent event. 


Fontae found himself out of his element introducing himself to members of his staff twice his age and experience, but they knew to follow his lead. Fontae walked around the new building, the location was right in the middle of a busy section of the city and several citizens were stopping by to see the newly constructed building.


Fontae would need to write a letter or arrival to the Rio government 




I am Ricardo Fontae of the United Guyana Republic,


With approval from congress and our president Yeremiah Wimbledon, I have come to improve relations between our two nations. I hope to hear from your government soon as we would like to arrange a meeting to support Rio in its mission to rebuild Brazil.


Have a blessed day,

Ricardo Fontae, Head of Foreign Affairs Rio de Janeiro branch

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To: Ricardo Fontae, Head of Foreign Affairs Rio de Janeiro Branch

From: Rio de Janeiro Department of Foreign Affairs


We would welcome improvement of relations with the United Guyana Republic, as we feel that we should co-operate to make South America a peaceful continent. Please come to Bandeirantes Palace in Sao Paulo where President Maria Citares will welcome you and discuss how we can improve our diplomatic relations.


Best Regards,

William Panteras

Minister for Foreign Affairs

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Fontae arrived at Bandeirantes Palace, on the way over he saw the signs of warfare. Bullets riddled some neighborhoods, but signs of recovery were everywhere. He held in his arms several folders detailing deals and offers the UGR wanted to make with Rio. He awaited in at the entrance of the palace for his hosts. 

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Fontae would be escorted into the Palace and led into the room where President Citares was waiting to receive him. She would stand up and held out her hand. "Welcome to the State of Rio de Janeiro, I hope you had a safe journey here. This day will be a new beginning in both our country's relations with one another. I hope we can strengthen our ties and make South America a safer place."

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Fontae was in awe by the majesty of the palace, but he was still focused on his objective. "I am deeply thankful for you inviting me here, this is a wonderful palace, not many of these in United Guyana."


He pointed to a chair in front of President Citares, "May I sit? thank you."


"Ms. Citares, my government has one primary objective to fulfill within the coming year and that is to create a strong South America. We believe our two nations can and should become close allies and it is the personal belief of President Wimbledon, that a united Brazil is in our best interest." 


Fontae, produced a number of folders detailing various pros and cons of a Rio-Guyana treaty.


"Here's our options for a cooperative alliance to restore Brazil, a economic pact to strengthen our financial situations and of course what we refer to as the Monroe doctrine agreement, the last one isn't something we wish to push just something that our country along with Tikal uphold in order to prevent foreign powers from disrupting our region.You may pick one, all or none to discuss simply up to you ma'am"


After handing them to Citares, he would await her decision on which one of the treaties to discuss if not all of them. 

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"The State of Rio de Janeiro is currently engaged against Militants in Parana Province. Our first goals are the establishment of a State consisting of the Provinces of Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Caterina and Rio Grande de Sul. These vital economically strong areas would be used to build up the state ready for moves to reclaim the rest of Brazil if this is possible. This will be a long and vital campaign with all efforts by the Military who I hope will be expanded as time goes on to meet that need.


Also I am happy that I have your nation as a partner in keeping South America safe. However I feel that I could not wish to embroil my country in regional pacts that we have no power to help uphold or be untangled in to be attacked by outside nations. If we did discuss the cooperative alliance I would like to ask only for material aid only if that is okay with you. However I am fully prepared for economic ties to be established so we can become strong trade partners and help one another grow economically."


President Citares paused and waited for Fontae to reply. She hoped that her answer would be agreeable to him.

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Fontae responded after a few minutes thinking it over. 


"That is a fair compromise, the documents we have for the trade agreement are that companies, private organizations, and trade institutions will be allowed to hold facilities in both The United Guyana Republic and Rio De Janeiro. This includes taxes being cut in half to promote exchange of goods and sale of product, and the Guyana Trade Committee will make sure to keep our ships, planes and other transports within Rio guidelines." 


He took a long breath, being young has disadvantages such as describing things rather quickly and without pause. 


"The Republican Guard is prepared to supply the armed forces of Rio with the package listed on document 3B. Congress has also passed that prolonged aid will be shipped to Rio until its task is complete."




Document 3B

Authority Level: 4 (Granted by UGR Diplomacy Corps)



The following manifest are items and supplies that will be flown and shipping into Rio to aid in its campaign to unite the Brazilian territories. 




1. 700,000 FAMAs 5.56 mm assault rifles, standard issue weapon of the Republican Guard. Will come with bulk shipment of ammunition and instruction manuals. 

2. 15 Mirage 2000-C fighter jets, third class fighter in the air force. Approved by Congress to give to Rio.

3. $4.56 million dollars in financial aid

4. 300,000 M9 9mm handguns with over 5 billion rounds being shipped at a later date

5. 4,000 Ford-250 pickup trucks to help in transportation

6. 200 tons of ready to eat meals, meets military standards of the Republican Guard, can be used at relief sites or for military forces.

7. $47 million dollars will be donated to humanitarian groups helping civilians recover from combat zones.

8. 17,000 Pershing M26 model tanks will be shipped. 

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President Citares listened as Fontae talked and after studying the document handed to her she nodded. "We can definitely agree to these things. The aid package will be especially welcomed by the Military as they are still waiting on equipment from our own Defence Company. Economic benefits will occur to both our nations with these economic treaties. I see both our nations profiting well and enjoying new prosperity."

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