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A Series of Simulations

Markus Wilding

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"What are these?" Director Wilding said as a manila folder was placed onto his desk. "Simulations, sir," was the response from Chief of Staff Joachim Köhl. Wilding opened the folder, and saw that it contained a number of vehicles currently in French service, as well as vehicles that the Polish military last used in 1985. "We recovered a program from an Old World machine that we found outside of Munich. It has information on all weapons systems used by most of the nations of the world before the Great Collapse." Even the former Canada has technical data, Wilding noted. "What exactly am I looking at?" Wilding asked his chief of staff. "This report in particular describes a skirmish between elements from several different regiments and battalions of the French army against the Communist Polish Warsaw Brigade...it appears this particular scenario depicted a collection of defeated Polish units regrouping in Warsaw to defend against a French-led NATO intervention." Wilding flipped the page over, checking the composition of the Polish forces. Mostly mechanized infantry, with some artillery and attack helicopters. On paper at least, the French had the advantage. The next page described the tactics and results of both forces - the Polish used their home advantage to deploy infantry in the complex urban battlefield of Warsaw. For whatever reason, the French opted to send in wave after wave of infantry and IFVs, followed by randomly sending either tanks or gunship helicopters into the city as well. The French seemed sure this tactic would work, as they persisted in using it even as French squads and vehicles were destroyed by the tens.


"Is there a problem with this simulation's AI? The French are committing horrible mistakes." Joachim nodded. "There is indeed a problem with the program. It appears at some point the hard drive it was stored on was hit by some sort of wave, possibly a power surge. We have some of the most qualified technicians working on it, sir." Wilding nodded and filed the report away. "Anything else?" Joachim nodded. "Yes, one question, sir. What do you want to do with this data?" Wilding contemplated this for a few moments before giving his response. "We will keep the source code, but release the results of any and all simulations we conduct."




Within several hours, a website was announced titled "Kalter Krieg Simulationen und Szenarien" which had only one report up - a simplified tally of the French Army versus the Polish Warsaw Brigade. For those that wanted a more in-depth review, after-action reports were converted into .pdf format and placed on the website, although for the time being only in German.


French Army: 187 infantry squads, various IFVs/APCs, 30 AMX-30 tanks, 10 Gazelle HOT gunships

Losses: 821 soldiers, 109 IFVS/APCS, 20 AMX-30 tanks, 8 Gazelle HOT gunships


Warsaw Brigade: 200 infantry squads, 150 BMP-2s, 10 155 mm SpGH DANA, 7 BM-24 Grad

Losses: 502 soldiers, 49 BMP-2s

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