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World Wide Diplomacy Co-OP

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It's come to my attention, that diplomacy on Planet Steve is usually stuck in the stone ages.

Always relaying on person to person direct contact, rather than a rich enviroment where dignitaries of all alliances can come and find each other for diplomacy.

I would like to state that Romans currently operate a new irc for our diplomacy and general membership on Planet Steve. #romans-public-relations @coldfront, and we welcome all dignitarues and TE players to contact us here, for anything.

As well, if you have trouble joining the channel, message me in-game for a de-ban.

If anyone else is interested in sharing their public contacts, I'd relish the chance.

Thanks everyone! Edited by King William
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you lost me

I was trying to model myself after my peers.

High Goverment:

Leader: Predrag Glavash :frantic:

1st Deputy and MoD: Alexio15 :ph34r:

2nd Deputy and FA: DarkZoneElite :ehm:

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          Hey,model Kid...(KiWi) you and Adude owed me $$$17,000,000,plus interests ,for "prankster's  behavior" -_- :) <_< :frantic: :excl: :popcorn:

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Luckily for us, DZE hasn't been around this entire round :P Foreign affairs now consist of nukes : :awesome:

Well I thought that was why we let me do Foreign Affairs just so we can nuke nuke nuke  :ehm:  :nuke:


True, DZE is aressted for drug smuggling   away on vacation, might be back next round.

I told you that he would get caught for being our coke mule man away on vacation.

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You'll never get money out of me.



         And i don't think you have even your share of that "Debt" anyways,Adude... I'll have to send it to my Lawyers they'll fix you and KiWi good...! Lol! ;) :lol1:  ;)  :frantic:  :rolleyes:

Edited by HDSupreme
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