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King is Dead, Long live the King!!!!


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The King is Dead, Long Live the King! A few days ago we crowned our new King after a massive civil war was fought, because that's how it works in the land of Westeros. King Kess vs Hand of the King David Stilicho. Support was one sided: one battle, two sides, one victor. After many hours of playing war it was clear who the victor was. King Kess has fallen (stepped down to RL) and the traitorous Hand was then crowned King David first of his name. The lands are united and Kings Council was settled with Kyte being named the Hand of the King.

Current Gov

King- David Stilicho
Hand of the King- JethroKyte
Master of Arms- Metalbot
Master of Laws- Lyev
Master of Whsipers- Jache
Grand Maester- LandR
Master of Arts- Der Rote Baron


MDoAP- Umbrella

Feel free to celebrate with our newly crowned king in our IRC room #tsk and visit our forums   


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There is only one King who sits on top of the Iron Throne and rules over the Limitless Kingdoms, with that seat already well occupied. Although I will allow David Stilicho to rule over House Baratheon in my stead. Congrats and good luck with the new government, May your reign be long and prosperous.





Methrage, Libertarian King, King of Heroes and the Citadel, Lord of the Limitless Kingdoms and Protector of the Nexus



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Congratulations David, a long time coming.


Thanks to Kess for leading the ship while our relationship grew to new heights.



Agent Jache -- I've got nothing for you :P

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8. All Hail King of the Losers!






If you played AoE 2 you know what I'm saying.


o/ TSK

o/ My King!



OOC: If one still plays AoE 2, whether the old version or the HD version, get a hold of me -- I'm always looking to play a game /ooc


Also, congratulations to TSK, I'm sure David will lead you all to fun times and a seven year summer.

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