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Southern African Elections



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The National Assembly of the FUSAR has 610 seats representing four member republics:The Cape, Transvaal, Lesotho, and KwaZulu-Natal.


Unity & Justice Party: The successor to the Southern African Unity Party, this party holds two primary ideals: that Southern Africa stands stronger united, and that it is the job of the government to correct the crimes of the past. Racism, separatism, poverty, and other large issues are all seen as the symptoms of colonialism. As such, the only way to bring the nation together is to correct these wrongs and work together to build a future in which every citizen has the same chance.

Their economic policies could best be described as pro-union, and this party supports the idea that all buisnesses operating within the nation should serve some kind of public interest.


Nationalist Green Party: This party holds one central belief: That foreigners and capitalism bring only death and destruction to Africa. Only through direct government action can the Europeans be cast out, the environment restored, and prosperity be brought to the peoples of Africa. They also believe in a strong military and military intervention against any non-African incursion on the continent.

Their economic policies support wide-scale nationalization and strict protectionism. Foreign investment would be banned, and export of the nation's national resources to outside of Africa would be heavily scrutinized to ensure that "the native soils and resources of our proud land are not being raped by foreigners."


Free Trade Liberty Party: This party believes that a strong government is an oppressive government, and thus the only way to maintain a free society is through as little government intervention as possible. They seek the removal of the FUSAR from the African League, so that they can "Open the doors of free trade and destroy the communistic tendrils of protectionism which seek to strangle this nation and its industry." Unlike the other parties, its policies are almost entirely concerned with this single economic goal of unrestricted free trade.


Cape Buffalo Party: Little is known about this party beyond their statements that "all politicians are corrupt" and "actions speak louder than words." They have not put forth a Presidential candidate. Questions about their economic policy were given the response, "Listen I studied two things at university, women and liquor. I don't know what a GDP is and I don't want to know. All I know is people need something to eat and a place to work, and I want a Rolex." Somehow, the party received exactly 100,000 signatures, the minimum required to appear on the ballot.


OOC: I reserve the right to ignore the poll. :P

I'll collect the results on Wednesday.


As a note, you're voting as players, not as your nations. Your nations have no IC influence on this election.

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