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Federation of Armed Nations


As you all know the system for deciding and regulating the elected targets... err... politicians for each team color have recently been changed.  I'm sure all team colors are handling issues with these changes.  The yellow team is no different.
I'm not sure how team targets... I mean senators...  got the way they are, but if you share a team with rabid anti-government gun nuts, imposing a tax on weapons and expecting things to not get a little sideways is more than a bit naive.  I believe the kids these days term that as "f$@#ing retarded". I'm sure these senators meant well.  Hope and change and all that. .
For those of you just tuning into this I will say that no blood has been shed as of yet.  Yes, that's right.  Like good scotch we mellow with age.  The killing can, and hopefully will, be avoided.
FAN loves the yellow team.  It has always been our home.  We have tried to make it a good place to be for both individual nations as well as alliances.  In some cases to our own detriment.  To now have individuals making decisions without so much as consulting the inhabitants of the team makes my trigger finger itch like a mother f!@#er*.  It's no good folks.
Here it is plain and simple.  If you are a senator on the yellow team and a proposal is made, before you go off and think you know what people want, ask around.  We're here.  In fact we've been here since before you were here most likely.  Sure most of us are anti-social psychopaths, but a few of us know how to speak to people.  I'm sure you can find one if you tried.  And it's not just FAN you should be asking.  There are a lot of inhabitants of the yellow team.  I'm sure they would like a say too.
Consider this a friendly reminder that as an elected official it is your responsibility to humbly serve your constituents.
Or we'll kill you.
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So you decide to passive aggressively threaten us now?



Ah yes.  I was voted "most passive aggressive" back in '09 and I've come to regain my title.  Or I've just come to remind everyone to not be a douchebag.

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Here is what happened:

One man in FAN decided (I assume on his own, but maybe not considering this announcment) to declare war on one of the three yellow team senators who voted for a yellow team proposition he disagreed with AND also declared war on one of the senator's alliance mates (who isn't even on yellow team but happened to be in his range). This happened on July 16. The FAN guy didn't do ground attacks the first night, but did send a bunch of demands via in game PM. Neither person declared on sent attacks the first night either.

Then on July 17 the FAN person nuked the people he attacked. The people nuked did what anyone else in the situation would do - fought back.

If this is what passes for a DoW these days, then we truly have achieved global stability.

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