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Glad to have NPL with us. They were great allies and a great group. It also adds a very, very good fighting midtier alliance to our ranks as well.

I will echo this statement. The next AA that hits Polar will no longer just face polar bears but nuclear terrorist as well.

Its been a good run.

One last hail

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when i first heard about this i had mixed feelings. RIA has been extremely close allies with NPL since there founding, we are also close allies with NpO. i have come to accept that it was time for my friends in NPL to move on and that they have found a good new home in NpO.


the RIA will also be protecting the NPL AA as long as anyone is on it.

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You were the chosen ones!

All things aside sorry to hear that you guys are merging into polar but your personalities have always been a close fit :)

We may not have been allied in the end but if Polaris ever needs some helo swatting away raiders on the NPL AA give us a call

o/ Nuclear Winter

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