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The Nuclear Proliferation League, hereby merges with New Polar Order. The resultant mess of irradiated goo to be known as the New Polar Order. 
As part of the merger, all Wally's stocks of Nuka Beer, DZE's Porn stash, CA's dirty chuds and AvT's stills and fermentation vats shall be moved over, under guard to the ice keep and shall be on display for all the Polars, new and old. Said fermentation vats and stills shall be operational before the end of the month with the first batch being auctioned off for charity (Help Houston Hire a Hitman Fund).
It has been a riotous 3 Years and at the end of the booze run, we finally had to wake up and smell the stale beer. Heavenly Aroma notwithstanding, its time to go crash with friends, since they have good COLD booze and both the nex-gen console's. 
To the guys that got drunk with us, cheers mates! 
To the foxy sheilas that we hooked up with: We still love you, even if we are not married to the lot of you anymore, 
To all the mangy critters that we tango-ed with, good on ya, its been a pleasure. 
So yeah, be seeing ya. Now pike off and let us have another round.
The drunken !@#$%^&* at NPL. 
Oh and yeah, those still drunk and passed out at the beerhall, shall be watched over by us, the New Polar Order, till they leave the Beerhall (yeah us, the merger was announced above, see?)


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We are truly blessed to be chosen as the new home for the NPL. Their love of fun is infectious and I know they will fit like a glove. The NPL have moved and merged but their name will never be forgotten and their spirit lives on strong.

The New Polar Order will honour all of NPL's treaty commitments for the next thirty days while we talk with the relevant people. We will also be protecting the stragglers on the NPL AA indefinitely.

o/ NPL
o/ Polaris

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You've been amongst the best allies any alliance could hope to have, NPL... and, even though this is quite sad in some respects, I'm also glad that you're going out on your own terms and taking the time to celebrate your community over the years. So, congratulations... and good luck to all of your members wherever they find themselves — you've made a more than decent choice with Polar, at least.


It's been a privilege, personally and professionally.



... I guess if there's some consolation I can take from this, now I'll never have to tell Kem that NPL actually failed their SF admission vote and I fabricated a positive result.

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