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Regret and Redemption


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If you’ve lived on BoB long enough sooner or later a choice you made will come back to haunt you, years later in some case’s . A wise man once told me if you don’t have regret you haven’t lived.

I have plenty of regret in this world and the other, (just ask my wife) however the choice you make to redeem your character & honor from those regrets shapes who you are.

10 days ago on information we received from a third party and the reaction from one of our Militia General’s set in motion a chain of events that dishonored the nation of Aquarnia ruler Beer Joker.


The III Percent wishes to relay its deepest apologies for dishonoring your name publicly without properly and diplomatically verifying the third part information.

For this egregious error and attack on your nation I’ve ordered 18 million in III Percent asset’s to be disbursed to your nation in 10 days to do with as you wish , also per Esoteric if you so choose feel free to ghost the alliance of the III Percent and enjoy it’s protection till you find a suitable home.

Be well sir and again please accept our apologies.

Disclaimer.. While under our banner you decide to attack someone, you’ll be on your own.

Crask Mann
Milo Till

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Moved back to the land of the big px for a bit, found it a bit tedious, moved right on back behind the Bamboo curtain. Fairly content here, life is good.


One of these days I'll drop by your irc channel to see if you are around for a rag chew.


III% doesn't have an IRC channel...

(unless you knew that already)

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  • 2 months later...

Hi there!  I just wanted to clear some things up about this joker.  :)


4/13/2014    Fonzie The Jester of Aquarnia   joined AA
4/23/2014    Fonzie the Jester    Deleted, Reneged on tech, IP banned

What he did - he created a nation and within 5 min ghosted our AA, then sent out tech PMs to a LOT of our larger nations.  He had full slots within 24 hrs, even bought a FM to get that 5th slot.

Then literally an hour after the last slot expired - he deleted.  He wasn't banned - he deleted.  A ban does not wait for aid slots to expire, and this was either a huge coincidence or he deleted on purpose.

Over the next few months he rerolled and did this to several other alliances - we warned the ones we could when we noticed he was active again.

Other names he used that we know about:


Mark Jok Ceres of Aquarnia
Mark Rizla Beer of Mediterranea
Beer Joker of Aquarnia

I understand that he told you he did this by accident and was banned and won't do it again, etc.  I call bullcrap.  He has done this often, I only know of a few instances but I would wager other alliances have had this exact pattern of scam pulled on them.



If you or anyone else has any evidence to exonerate him, please come forward.

Edited by Dr Salvador
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I'm not sure what is going on here but that nation appears to have taken in 24mil, sent out 400 tech, and then deleted. Very strange behaviour, but not a scam, at least not this time, since the tech was delivered.


Pretty sure he's now ghosting polar with a new nation, and taken 21mil so far.


Very odd.

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Freelancer, old friend, i know you do this in the name of fair play. I just hope you aren't being had on by anyone.

I made this post over 2 months ago and why's it's been brought to life this way is not my fault, for the record we set this guy up with 24 million for 400 tech, we get alerted he's some aid scamer, I sent a hit squad to his house he sent the 400 tech and asked for his name to cleared, I made a public spectacle of his activity never really checking the whole thing out, and I thought that's least I could do.

Now the interesting part came after this announcement and the 10 day expiration of his aid back to us, we went to hook him up and his nation was gone. 

I'm with jerdge it's allot of work to be annoying. 

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