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"Following the increase of organized governments on the African continent and friendly relations between these nations the collective states of Africa do hereby proclaim the existence of the African League as the representation of an organized and united Africa"

Charter on the formation of the African League

The States Parties present to the present Charter

Recalling the historical cooperation between states on the African continent.

Having in mind the delicate balance in a global context.

Realizing the inherent vulnerability of African powers on their own.

Believing that only through cooperation the African continent can maintain its independence and guarantee prosperity.

Have agreed as follows:

Article I:
For the purpose of the present Charter, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereunder assigned to them:

(a) ‘Africa’, ‘continent’ and the ‘African continent’ shall include all those lands traditionally held to be African meaning everything between Ras ben Sakka and Cape Agulhas and everything between Cape Verde and Ras Hafun as well as the islands surrounding these.
(b) An ‘African state’ shall be any country that has the majority of its territory and its seat of government on the African continent. Or that is politically tied to the African continent to such an extent it is indistinguishable from an African state under the narrow definition.
( c) A ‘member state’, or collectively ‘member states’, shall be any African state member of the African League.
(d) A ‘Foreign Power’ shall be any political or corporate formation with the majority of its holdings on any other location than Africa.
(e) A ‘biological weapon’ shall be any system that uses biological toxins or infectious agents to kill or incapacitate humans, animals and/or plants.

Article II:
For the maintenance of the peace and prosperity on the African continent the member states may form organizations under the framework of the African League. Under all circumstances the following organizations must exist.

(a) The Grand Council of the African League, seated in Nairobi, where member states shall be represented via representatives on all matters regarding the legislative processes of the African League. The Chairman of the African League shall also take residence in the Grand Council.
(b) The Supreme African Command, seated in Carthage, where military staff and liaisons from the member states shall cooperate on military matters as well as the residence of the Supreme Commander of the African Forces.
( c) The African Economic Council, seated in Dubai, where officials from the member states shall coordinate economic policy as well as execute the trade policies. It shall also be the residence of the director of the African Economic Council.

Article III:
1. Any African State may request admittance into the African League.
2. Upon a formal request being made to the Grand Council of the African League said Council will initiate a vote. New members shall need to be voted in by all existing member states.
3. Any member state may voluntarily leave the African League provided at least 30 days of notice are given.
4. Any member state may initiate a motion to expel a member from the African League. If the Chairman deems such a request to hold merit a vote will be initiated. Such a vote shall require unanimity however the member state up for vote shall be excluded from voting.

Article IV:
1. For the protection of the African continent member states pledge to oppose foreign powers settling on the continent by all available means.
2. In line with the principles placed in the preamble all member states pledge to withhold from the threat or use of any offensive measures against other member states. Any dispute between member states is to be resolved peacefully between the member states or with consultation from the Grand Council.
3. Member states shall hold an attack against any member state to be an attack against the African League as a whole and initiate all necessary action to protect the continent. Should an attack against a member state be the result of an earlier declaration of war by that member state such defence shall become optional.
4. The African League may declare an offensive war against any state provided all member states approve of such a declaration.
5. In case of collective African action the Supreme Commander of the African Forces shall assume military command over the forces of the member states and the Supreme African Command shall become the headquarters of the operation.
6. For greater cooperation the member states shall seek to standardize and improve interoperability of equipment , procedures and doctrine between them. The Supreme African Commander shall issue regular reports outlining proposed changes.
7. Due to the severity of these weapons the member states shall pledge to not develop biological weapons for any offensive purposes.
8. Obligations under this article shall be held supreme over all other considerations, treaties and laws.

Article V:
1. For the greater good of the African continent member states shall pledge to eliminate tariffs and other direct or indirect barriers to trade between them.
2. Towards foreign powers or non-member state African states the member states shall pledge to maintain a united approach when it comes to trade barriers towards these.
3. Member states shall open their borders to free traffic from other member states.
4. Member states shall deposit an annual sum into the African Economic Council that may be utilized to aid development projects in member states.
5. Coordination of trade policy and maintenance of the development funds of the African Economic Council shall be the exclusive domain of the director of the African Economic Council.

Article VI:
1. The Grand Council of the African League shall be the primary legislative body of the African League. Unless stated otherwise it shall vote on the basis of unanimity.
2. The Chairman of the Grand Council of the African League will chair the meetings and with the aid of his staff maintain the bureaucracy of the African League. He shall also be considered the de jure head of the African League. Chairmanship will rotate annually on the basis of population numbers from high to low.
3. The Grand Council of the African League shall elect the Supreme African Commander every two years on the basis of a simple majority. If on the date of the scheduled election there is an ongoing military operation the election shall be postponed until the completion of that operation.
4. The Grand Council of the African League shall elect the director of the African Economic Council every two years on the basis of a simple majority.
5. The Grand Council of the African League may modify this treaty.
6. The Grand Council of the African League may disband the African League.

Article VII:
1. The present Charter shall be ratified by the signatory states in accordance with their respective constitutional processes.
2. The ratifications shall be deposited with the Grand Council of the African League.
3. The present Charter shall come into force upon the deposit of ratification by a signatory state.
4. The states signatory to the present Charter which ratify it after it has come into force will become original member states on the date of the deposit of their respective ratifications.

Article VIII:
The present Charter shall remain deposited in the archives of the Grand Council of the African League. Duly certified copies thereof shall be transmitted by the Grand Council of the African League to the governments of the signatory states.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by their respective governments, have signed the present Charter.

Signed for the Great Lakes Republic,
Catharine Victoria Akinyi, Queen of the Republic
Michael Ojuok Osano, President of the Republic

Signed for the Kingdom of Carthage,
His Royal Highness Anysus I of Carthage, King of Carthage, Protector of the Realm, Speaker for the Gods, Lion of Africa

Signed for Aidennic Alexandria,
Ioannes Palaiologos, Bishop of Alexandria

Signed for the Novakian Republic,
Khaleda Shakir, President of the Novakian Republic

Signed for the Federal Republic of Lesotho,
Thaba Basia, President of the Federal Republic of Lesotho
Bohlale Makololo, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Lesotho Parliament

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