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Meeting on Greenland-America and Iceland

Chicago Noise

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Missive to the Leadership of the United States of America


To Whom It May Concern,


I would like to inquire about the possible procurement of land in Southern Greenland.  We would be willing to purchase this land from your protectorate.  We would like to invite you to send an envoy to Reykjavik to discuss possibilities regarding the subject.  I await your reply.


Speaker of the Althing,

Johanna Jonsdottir


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To: Speaker Johanna Jonsdottir

From: US State Department


I will be sending Ambassador John Neuman to Reykjavik to discuss the topic of Greenland and formalize diplomatic relations between our two countries.


- Secretary of State Alisha Taitt


OOC- feel free to skip to the meeting

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Ambassador Neuman touched down in Reykjavik and was taken by state car to the Executive Government Building downtown.  The Icelanders proceeded to lead Neuman into the conference room he would be using.  Speaker Johanna was waiting for him, rose and shook his hand, "So good of you to come on such short and abrupt notice."


As the two sat down and Neuman was given a glass of water, she continued.  She could speak English, but retained her accent, "Ambassador Neuman, I'm sure you understand our request from the missive.  We are interested in procuring the southern tip of Greenland, the traditional Kujalleq province specifically.  We wished to inquire on your willingness, and if you were, the terms of exchange."

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"My government is willing to hand over the southern tip to Iceland under the conditions that if you are to construct any military facility, it must be shared with American forces; nothing less than an ODP between our two countries; and if Greenland were to ever come under attack Iceland would immediately assist US forces in deterring such a threat. If you are willing to concede to these conditions, there will be no financial cost."

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Johanna furrowed her brow and stroked her chin in thought. 


"Iceland is a new and fledgling nation.  We are just now formulating the entirety of our foreign policy and we do not have a full picture of North American international politics.  We are not opposed to getting to know your nation in greater depth, in fact we welcome it.  That said, I'm not sure Iceland can agree to these terms.  They are fair terms, but perhaps Iceland is not prepared to engage in an ODP with the United States, though further discussion could sway my position.  Also, I am not certain that Iceland can accept the final term at this juncture.  Is there room for negotiation on your side?"

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"Greenland, being a protectorate of the United States, is privileged with the guarantee of US military protection from any domestic or foreign attack. If Greenland came under attack both Iceland and the US would have to work cooperatively for the people of Greenland. It is without question our duty as protectors of the people of Greenland to protect them and ensure that when the time comes for self rule, they may do so without any hindered or threat of invasion. We are willing to have a NAP but it must contain a MDP clause regarding Greenland. This is nonnegotiable."

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"I can agree to these terms. I will be happy to sign such and agreement. Of course in the future, Iceland could be willing to upgrade this treaty if we continue to foster relations. I am sure we will be able to work together peacefully in Greenland. So we are in agreement over a general NAP with an MDP for specifically Greenland? If so, we could have a treaty drawn up and ready for our signatures."

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Treaty of Kujalleq

Iceland-United States of America


Article I. Nonaggression & Intelligence Sharing


Both Iceland and the United States of America agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of the other nation when not specifically requested. Nor will either signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to the other. Iceland and the United States of America agree to disclose and share any relevant intelligence and information pertaining to Greenland and its defense.


Article II.  Mutual Defense of Greenland


Both Iceland and the United States of America reserve the right to defend the entire region of Greenland from foreign aggression. Should any area of Greenland be engaged in a defensive war, both Iceland and the United States of America are required to provide aid, including economic and military, needed to support to defend the region.  


Article III.  Transfer of Kujalleq


The United States of America agrees to allow Iceland to claim the Southern tip of Greenland to include the entirety of the traditionally recognized Kujalleq province. 


Article IV. Shared Military Facilities


Should Iceland construct a military facility in Greenland, it is to be shared with the United States of America to provide greater security to the region of Greenland and its people.


Article V. Provision for Amendment


Should both signatories agree to an amendment of this agreement, it may be applied, but this will require both party's agreement. 


Article VI.  Termination


Should Iceland wish to terminate this contract, it will require notice (OOC:  72 hours) to the United States of America and will require the return of Kujalleq province to the United States or its Greenland protectorate.  Should the United States of America wish to terminate this contract, it will require notice (OOC:  72 hours) to Iceland, but Iceland would continue to hold sovereignty over Kujalleq in this situation.


"If this is acceptable to you Ambassador, I would be happy to accept your signature.  If not, i would also be happy to continue discussion."

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Ambassador Neuman would forward a copy of the document to Washington for the President's approval.


President George Heller

President of the United States of America


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[OOC: Posting here because the USA's thread is marked as 'closed'. The message may be answered by either Bones or Mona.]


[Private message to the USA]


"The Principality of Tikal is decidedly not amused by the United States' sale of geographically American territory to a European nation. Further, we believe the US to be overreaching itself with its attempts to establish alliances far overseas instead of in the Americas.


In light of this and other actions by your government that we believe to be detrimental to peace in the Americas, we kindly request for the US to remove all military forces from Hawaii for no less than one year (OOC: 1 RL month), only to return if given explicit permission by Tikal.


With kind regards,"


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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