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The Constant


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The Constant



The Constant, former Imperial sectors, Boz Pity, Bimmissaari, and Charros IV having lost all contact with the greater Empire are alone. Since the rebellion began a ominous pillar of dark energy could be seen above the skies in all three sectors, it was only a matter of time before The Fall. For roughly nine days Grey Jedi-General Quaron the Pitiless of the 777th Imperial Army, a force numbering over 300,000 clones, felt the wrath of the dark gods when reality rent itself and trapped them in these sectors. During The Fall, nearly everyone lost a part of themselves as sanity became insanity. The dark whispers of power and impossible magicks, plagued the 777th all the while. On the 9th day of The Fall, the 777th came to. Scattered amongst three sectors, they'd lost any and all contact with the greater Empire.


Believing it defeated by the rebellion, Grey Jedi-General Quaron the Pitiless along with his trusted officers of the 777th decided that the empire must endure. Should it have fallen in the thirteen years that were to follow of their isolation due to ether-storms, storms within space which inhibit communication and travel, The Constant would stand. The Empire would live on through the last known loyalists, the 777th. When the members of the 777th and The Pitiless finally managed to regain some type of communications they reunited the entirety of the 777th, this was year nine of their isolation. In those previous nine years, Bimmissaari and Charros IV 777th Units had descended to anarchy and chaos, fighting amongst themselves as warlords vied for control of what would, under The Pitiless, become known as The Constant. The Pitiless and his loyalists regained control of the star fleet in hit and run tactics in which the Imperial Shards' a splinter navy was defeated by The Constant, and within the year Bimmissaari and Charros IV warlords were under heel of The Pitiless.


With the Sectors of Boz Pity, Bimmissaari and Charros IV under heel and toe, the rebuilding efforts began. Yes, with some great effort and one new prototype, the clones began birthing again. Though not of Jango Fetts DNA, but of Zabrak DNA which hailed from The Pitiless. This rendered quite a large majority of the newly birthed clones to have some distant force capabilities. Nothing which could birth them into fully fledged force users, but it did improve most their physical limitations, they could run faster, jump higher, think quicker, learn at astonishing rates. But they had a drawback, the Zabrak clones of The Pitiless were deeply marred by a flawed matrix in their creations. They were utterly blind, and so to compensate were taught in force sensitivity to see with their minds and emotions, a type of power that could lead to destruction if not taught properly.


It took nearly 9 years for a batch of Zabrak clones from creation to armament day. Only four batches had been completed by the time The Constant was able to regain full and total communication with the greater Empire once the storms abated, and what we awoke to... was anarchy. In short order The Constant sent out distress codes to any and all loyalist Imperials in the known Empire, hoping to find allies in this dark dark world. The Pitiless sat on his obsidian throne on Boz Pity, in deep meditation with the Sons of Quaron, his personal Grey Order of Jedi, hoping for some guidance in who and what was real. The Constant, last true thread of the known Empire for the past thirteen years was adrift in sea, amidst a swarm of sharks and other enemies.




Fleet Strengths: Classified

Fully Operational: 4 Victory Class  Heavy Cruisers, 36 Lancer Frigates


Damaged: 1 Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer ( Hyperspace Drives malfunctioning, Stationed at the Boz Pity yards undergoing repair )


Unserviceable/Needs extensive repair:


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