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Worldvision, semifinal voting (international music and song contest)


Worldvision Semifinals Voting  

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"For those of you just now tuning in. . . My name is Liska Atka, age seventeen, former head of state, master of ceremonies for tonight, certainly the generalissimo of your hearts. Self proclaimed chairman of Worldvision by the authority I arbitrarily made for myself. Broadcasting live straight in your homes from a slightly revitalized former World Congress building. Previous round was a spectacle beyond comparison. If you missed it please buy that on 35 mm film, Compact Disk, Betamax, VHS, DVD, BlueRay, or flash drive from Liska Atka on telegraph/phone/internet/mail right now. 


Many great acts by great nations came but only two managed getting to semifinals.

Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear with Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear with Eddy Arnold and "Smokey the Bear"


Sierra Leone with Elbow and "Leader of the Free World"

[The End]


With the collapse of the Sierra Leone government, Draka Forces have begun to spread throughout the country to restore peace and order. A local proclamation would be dispatched throughout the nation, ordering soldiers of the former Sierra Leone to turn in their arms and submit for documentation within the Security Directorate.


Sadly recent destruction of Sierra Leone just yesterday somewhat hinders their advancement.

I said hinder because Sierra Leone remains in the competition.

Sierra Leonean second act. The Rolling Stones escaped from Sierra Leone after the Drakan annexation, but not before witnessing the takeover of Drakan military forces. Their song, "Doom and Gloom" reflects the mood of their neighbors in Freetown as Drakan military paraded down the main street.


Sierra Leone has produced a second act.



Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear isn't giving up here tonight. Sticking with an ongoing bear theme with "Bear Necessities" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08NlhjpVFsU) in a live stage performance by Wonga Phillip "Phil" Harris. Despite his being 104 years old he's going to still get back up for a song - unprecedented age in a musical contest of this nature.



Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear




Sierra Leone 


Whose Music Reigns Supreme?"


Rules of participation are particularly simple.

Anybody in this little contest will be sending me a $35,000,000 fee to enter.

Those who can't and/or will not be pay(ing) isn't entered

Valid to any sovereign country that currently exists.

Followed by deploying a musical act live to World Congress Building and preform.

All of the performances will be simulcast internationally with an eighty second-ish delay for sensors.

(Oh, and please consider giving me a 5% cut of your profits)

People around the world vote on their favorite acts.

Votes of each nation are scaled equally to votes of all other nations.

Those with lowest votes are booted from contest.

Remaining nations will remain eligible for a single additional song or act. 

Additional rounds voted on until just one country remains.

That nation is crowned victor of  and undisputed master of the music.


Liska Atka, former Generalissimo of Procinctia

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