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Factbook of The Federal Union of Southern African Republics


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Capital: Gaborone

Largest City: Soweto (1,271,628)

Official Languages: Afrikaans, Damara/Nama, English, German, Herero, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Oshiwambo, Rukwangali, Setswana, Silozi, siSwati, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.

Major Ethnic Groups: See Languages

Demonym: Southern African

Government Type: Presidential-Federal Union of Parliamentary Republics

---- President: Andikan Verdoorn

Legislature: National Assembly of the Federal Government

---- Prime Minister: Vacant

Independence: July 1st, 20XX

Population: 60,542,991

Area: 2,663,151 km2

GDP Estimate: $371.211 billion

Currency: Southern African Rand

Drives on the: Left


Timescale: 1 RL Month = 1 IC Year // 1 RL Day = ~12 IC Days

Recognition: This nation does not recognize any magic, fantastical creatures, or post-2014 technology or architecture. Any and all such things which enter into interaction with this nation will be interpreted through the lens of a realistic 2014 worldview. For example, interactive holograms, no matter how vividly described, would simply be ignored and not exist to a character from this nation.


This topic is closed for my personal use in documenting my CNRP2 nation.

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Government of The Federal Union of Southern African Republics



Federal Government Main Offices & National Assembly Building

Located on the shores of the lake, Gaborone Dam


The National Assembly of the FUSAR has 175 seats representing seven member republics:

Botswana, KwaZulu-Natal, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, The Cape, and Transvaal


Each member republic holds 25 seats, which are in turn be split by party lines per republic-specific elections.


Each member republic has its own Judicial and Legislative branches; however the Federal Government (Executive branch, Federal High Court of the Union of Southern African Republics, and National Assembly) holds legal authority. Laws passed by the National Assembly override those passed by Sub-national parliaments, but can be appealed to the Federal High Court.




Office of State Intelligence & Security


Headquarters of the KSIS


The Office of State Intelligence & Security (Kantoor van die Staat Intelligensie en Sekuriteit)(KSIS), which serves under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is tasked with:

  • Gathering information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals
  • Analyzing that information to provide national security intelligence assessment to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Justice, and Office of the President.
  • Carrying out or overseeing covert activities and some tactical operations by its own employees, by members of the Lesotho military, or by other partners.
  • Serving as an internal intelligence agency (counterintelligence).
  • Serving as a federal criminal investigative body.
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Economic & Social Policy




The highlighted orange area, which is a 200 nautical mile extension off of the Union's shores, has been declared as the sovereign waters of the Federal Union of Southern African Republics. All foreign military vessels, with the exception of those of the African League, are banned from entering these waters without permission, and violation will be considered an act of war.


Foreign commercial vessels will require appropriate permits to operate in this zone, and attempts to exploit the territory without permits will result in a minimum of the offending vessel being impounded and confiscated. The offending party will be jailed, but their government will be allowed to petition for extradition. The confiscated materials may be bid upon at government auction.


This zone also includes a 200 nautical mile zone around the Crozet Islands and Prince Edward Islands. The extent of these zones can be seen in the following image.





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Republican National Guard

Republikeinse Nasionale Wag (RNW)





Total: 296,170


Standing: 60,000

All Standing Divisions are Mechanized with Armor Attachments


Reserves: 120,000

All Reserve Divisions are Infantry Divisions


Internal Troops: 108,000

Internal Troop division report to KSIS and are

effectively Infantry Divisions, with heavy weaponry

such as artillery held in emergency storage.



Infantry Division - 12,000

1st Brigade - 3000

2nd Brigade - 3000

3rd Brigade - 3000

4th Brigade - 3000


Company - 100

Platoon - 50


Infantry Section - 10

Fireteams A & B

Squad Leader


x2 Riflemen



Mechanized artillery companieshave 2 4-vehicle G6 SPH batteries, and 4 8-vehicle Valkiri Mechanized artillery also uses Firefinder Radar to assist in counter-battery fire. Reserves have one artillery company per brigade, which have six 4-gun "Half-Batteries" (G5 Howitzer). The Artillery Company is also in charge of distribution of anti-aircraft weaponry to the infantry. The Anti-Materiel soldier is armed with one RPG-29 launcher w/ one TBG-29V and one PG-29V round, as well as a standard rifle with under-slung M203 Grenade Launcher. Each soldier is normally equipped with: an entrenching tool, a hand grenade, an incendiary thermite grenade, body armor & helmet, MOLLE webbing, a small first aid kit, 1 liter canteen, rain parka, gas mask, communication device, modernized sword bayonet, and of course, their personal weapon and sidearm. Equipment may vary or be added accordingly for environment.


The Mechanized Divisions have 2 Mechanized Infantry brigades, 1 Armor brigade, and 1 Light brigade. The Mechanized Infantry brigades are fully equipped with AMX-10P APC's. The Armor brigade consists of up 5-tank platoons, of which there are 50 platoons, or 250 tanks. 2 platoons are allotted to the artillery, and 8 to AMX-40 "AMX-OTO" Otomatic anti-aircraft vehicles. The Light brigade consists of 54 5-vehicle platoons of AMX-10 RC vehicles, 270 vehicles, and 3 SPA companies.The AMX-40's in use by the Republican National Guard are upgraded with BRENNUS-style reactive armor. Other forces rely on the non-APC transportation listed.


In order to preserve the armed forces as a body dedicated to the preservation and protection of the civilian-elected government, a Political Officer from the OMHT is attached to every military unit of battalion size and larger.


Standard Equipment & Weaponry

Standard Caliber: 7.62mm NATO



R4 Assault Rifle



Designated Marksman Rifle for Republican National Guard

Standard Service Rifle for Internal Security Troops


Sword Bayonet


Vektor SP1


SS-77 & Mini-SS


M203 Grenade Launcher


Milkor MGL


M67 Hand Fragmentation Grenades








Denel FT5






Striker Shotgun


Protection: PASGT


LLR 81mm Mortar


M-4 Commando Mortar


Mortier 120mm


G5 Howitzer






Firefinder Radar


Standard Vehicles for Infantry Divisions





Land Rover Defender


Pinzgauer 716/718








Armored Vehicles


Upgraded w/ BRENUS-style ERA


AMX-40 "AMX-OTO" Otomatic

AMX-40 w/ Otomatic Anti-Aircraft Turret



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Republican National Guard Air Service

Republikeinse Nasionale Wag Lug Diens (RNWLD)



240 Combat Aircraft

12 Aircraft per Squadron


15 Squadrons of Dassault Mirage 2000-C


5 Squadrons of Dassault Mirage 2000-D


Logistics & Reconnaissance Aircraft

Transall C-160, Dassault Mirage 2000-B, Heron-1, C-212, 707 EL/M-2075, O-2 Skymaster



Rooivalk, Oryx, Fennec, Lynx

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Republican National Guard Naval Service

Republikeinse Nasionale Wag Vloot Diens (RNWVD)




Ship Prefix: RNGNSS

Republican National Guard Naval Service Ship


10 Amathole-Class Corvettes

Soweto, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Tembisa, Cape Town, Katlehong, Umlazi, Soshanguve, Khayelitsha


Naval Bases & Stations

Simon's Town Naval Base


Durban Naval Station


Port Elizabeth Naval Station


Port Crozet Naval Station

Crozet Islands - Former Port Arthur

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