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Getting about time for a "Name That War" thread


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Moctezuma's Revenge

Jesus, so obvious and I never considered it.  Possible thread winner out of the gate.


World War Riot.

Really more of a localized police action than a world war, don't you think?


"One Raid Beyond"

Nice.  I had thought of "A Raid Too Far".


What if they held a war and no one remembered?

And that's one vote for "The Jimmy Butler War".


La Guerra Grande


AZTEC + El Presidente + Wrestlers

In fact I think all future AZTEC wars need to have a Lucha Libre theme.



Please don't feed Rey's ego.


Is this war fully contained or is there still room for expansion?


If it is the former then the Chicken War. Because it looks like someone drove off a cliff.



What are you rebelling against?


It's listed on the wiki as The Great Riot Raid, which I rather like.

Temporarily listed on the wiki. Except it is not really a raid at this point, nor is it all that great in scope.  But the eventual poll will tell us the truth.


All I could come up with were educational themes, since AZTEC is clearly teaching RIOT a lesson:


"The Montessori War"

"Auctor's Charm School War"

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The Water Cannon War...because let's face it, the riot's pretty much over when the cannon rolls out and starts flattening the crowd.




The Teargas War

The Excessive Use of Force War


and probably the best of the bunch...


The RIOT Control War

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How about "The Talk Shit War" per Auctor:





I really fear for this realm when there are people left that don't remember how "talk !@#$, get hit" works.

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