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Two Years Old and Still Kickin'

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Planet Bob's pre-eminent donkey-themed alliance turns 2 years old today!  Thanks primarily to Xanth, from our humble beginnings as a one-man micro we are now at a modest 25 members and knocking on the door approaching the front porch of one million NS, cementing our position as an inconsequential influence on all things Digiterra. 


Please stop by what are often reviled as Bob's most unattractively formatted governmental forums and say hi if you're so inclined (and not prone to seizures). Until then, enjoy a piece of Ass cake:





We'd like to thank all former and current Red Asses for getting us here, our pretty cool roster of war opponents for making life interesting, and our allies to giving us something worthy to fight for.


Speaking of our allies, we have a bonus announcement to make regarding our position on treaties:




All treaties signed by the Screaming Red Asses shall represent the right of the Screaming Red Asses to intervene politically, militarily and economically on behalf of treaty partners.  Said treaty partners are understood to have reciprocal rights.  This is forthwith applied retroactively to all existing Red Ass treaty partners.  This doctrine does not represent a change to our treaty obligations, perceived or actual; it merely more accurately embodies the spirit of our treaty partnerships than any existing treaty template.*


For your convenience, the "Ass-O-Sphere" as it currently stands:




*For policy wonks only:




As stated, for all practical intents and purposes, the Lawyers, Guns and Money Doctrine changes very little from SRA's previous policy of only signing ODAP treaties. It is largely an exercise in semantics -- ODAP didn't quite sound like what we meant.  We experimented with other treaty templates (the ACT, for instance), but we still didn't find the fit quite right.  I'm not pretending this is anything new or revolutionary -- it's roots are in a few other attempts at cracking the treaty web nut.


While philosophically, I agree with Moldavi's New Sith Order Doctrine of sovereign unilateral action, it fails for SRA for two reasons: first, an alliance of our size and reluctance to engage in coalition warfare, as a standalone policy it leaves defense and inclusion in peace talks in a precarious position; second, while we all hold some level of disdain for the treaty web, it does provide for law and order in terms of setting parameters by which other alliances may gauge their foreign policy and military intervention decisions.


This doctrine bears a strong resemblance to Kashmir's Co-Prosperity Sphere.  As well it should -- in my opinion, Kashmir is doing foreign affairs right (although it inexplicably seems to be misconstrued by many on Bob, as the comments on their introductory announcement can attest).  Like KCP, this is NOT a bloc, but a sphere of influence; unlike KCP, which runs completely paperless, these are still overt, signed treaties.


In some ways, this doctrine was born out of SRA's own foreign policy satire from two years back, the One-Way Wiki PIAT -- even while writing it, I couldn't help but think that this was what a the perfect treaty would look like: the ability to intervene on behalf of an ally in any way necessary.


Semantics -- it wouldn't be the OWF without them.  You may not notice the difference, but it works for us.



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can't wait to activate our treaty with you guys for a good ol' fashioned Ass hunt :P


we all know those folks at SRA have it comin....wait....wrong thread?...alright alright alright....


o/ SRA

o/ Walsh

.....................................................o/ Xanth cause i'm told there's a clause in our treaty that i must

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