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Revisiting the Americas

Markus Wilding

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Ambassador Metoděj Kucera would send this message to the American foreign embassy:



To whom it may concern,


My government has instructed me to meet with American officials in Washington to discuss the possibility of a new treaty. With the recent Alvonian withdrawal from the European Community, we feel it is now prudent to revisit the possibility of military cooperation in particular. Please let me know when I can meet with a member of your foreign ministry as soon as possible.



Ambassador Metoděj Kucera


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To: Ambassador Metoděj Kucera

From: US State Department


I have received your government's request and I hereby grant it. Alvonia is one of America's closest allies in Europe and I too share your position of strengthening our ties. I look forward to seeing you soon.


- Secretary of State Alisha Taitt


OOC- feel free to skip to the meeting.

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Ambassador Metoděj Kucera entered the meeting room and shook the Secretary of State's hand. "Madame Secretary, I prefer to get straight to business if you don't mind." After taking a seat and requesting a glass of water, Kucera began, "As I stated in my original letter, with the withdrawal of Alvonia from the European Community, we have a serious need for allies now. There are some in Europe we find....untrustworthy, to put it lightly. Our armies have already been working together in our officer exchange program, how would the American state feel about upgrading our treaty to an optional defense or mutual defense pact?"

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Secretary of State Alisha Taitt would welcome Ambassador Metoděj Kucera to the State Department and accommodate any of the ambassador's needs. After listening to the representative, Secretary Taitt would respond, "It is a shame the European Community cannot coordinate multilaterally nor work for the common good of all European citizens. The United States, as you may know has a considerable interest in the security and stability of the region. We currently have military facilities in Italy to assist our European allies in defense and military cooperation. I have discussed with President Heller, along with various congressional and executive leaders, and we have decided that an upgrade to an MDP would be most suitable considering the changing environment."

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Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between

United States of America and Alvonia




The sovereign nations of the United States of America and Alvonia hereby agree to close bonds of friendship and to provide economic aid or military defense. Through the following stipulations, they wish to show their good intentions and wishes for better relations and cooperation in the future.


Article 1

Both signatory parties denounce the usage of aggressive force against the other party and agree to settle matters whenever possible through the means of peaceful negotiations and compromise.


Article 2

Both signatory parties may provide economic aid and/or humanitarian assistance in times of national emergency when deemed necessary by the concerned party.


Article 3

Both signatory parties agree not to commit espionage or acts of strategic/covert warfare on one another. Signatories agree to defend one another in the event that one comes under attack. This includes financial, political, and military assistance to the best of the signatories’ abilities.


Article 4

Should signatories choose to engage in offensive warfare invoking this treaty there is a strong presumption of agreement, though it remains voluntary, requests should be put in at the head of government and high ministerial levels for assistance, both parties keeping these requests confidential regardless of a positive or negative response.


Article 5

These designated representatives are required to maintain operational security once informed of the planned military action whether they agree to participate or not.


Article 6

This agreement holds indefinitely, but can be cancelled by any of the two signatory parties at any point of time, provided notice has been given to the other signatory party at least 1 year (1 RL month) in advance.


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After taking a few moments to look over the treaty, Kucera scanned the document and sent it to Vienna for approval. Within a few minutes, a copy of the treaty was faxed to the office, affixed with Wilding's signature. "Well, that was fast," Kucera commented.

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"I am glad we could produce such results in so little time."


A copy would be sent to the Office of the President for his signature.


President George Heller

President of the United States of America


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